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These questions are frequently or occasionally asked, or they're questions I wish were asked, or questions I frequently ask myself...

Your blog is all over the place. What’s the point?

In real life I don't talk much, but here I spill my guts, never use a wetwipe after, and if you have something to say the same lack-of-rules apply. We're sharing a beer in a bar, that's all. Like life itself, there’s no point to any of it. 

Is it all true? 

• Philosophically, yes. I try to be absolutely honest about myself, my fears and frailties, anger and ignorance and embarrassments. All of that is so true it sometimes hurts.
• Literally, no. Most of the proper nouns have been changed, and certain incidents and characters have been exaggerated to get a giggle. It's "based on a true story," and the true story is me, but it's not written under oath.

Is there a tip jar, or a way to tangibly say thanks? 

By golly, yes. It's the ham sandwich fund.

Where did my comment go?

The site's software sometimes swallows comments. For less frustration, please use the comment form in the sidebar . It takes longer, but actually works.

Why is the site’s design so simple and bland? 

It’s for reading, not special effects, and I hate sites that jump around or try to dazzle me. It's Mostly Words, get it?

Are you on social media? 

Of course not. Why would I do that? Also, I try not to hammer my own head.

What are you selling? 


Can I buy an ad? 

Hell, no. I hate ads, and recommend adblockers.

Can we trade links? 

If you’ve created something you think is worthwhile, I’d love to see it, and if I like it I’ll add it to the sidebar blogroll. Gotta sincerely like it, though — I won’t add a link just to trade for a link.

Do you like anchovies? 

On a pizza, no, but stirred into scrambled eggs, with green olives and some feta, yes.

What's the posting schedule? 

I try to have something fresh on-line by sunrise every morning, but often it's late. When life allows, there's a second post posted in the afternoon.

How can I reach you? 

The comment box in the sidebar routes to my email. I won't respond quickly, but I will respond, unless you're an idiot.

Can we meet for a cup of coffee?  

• If you’re a normal person, no. Don't take it personally, but there are enough normal people in my life, and I dearly love being home alone in my recliner.
• If you’re a freak, please let me know the nature of your freakage, and I might even buy the coffee.

Still have a question?

Send me an email.