Just plain hate speech

When the bus stopped in downtown Seattle on Sunday, I stepped off and into a crowd of about twenty men, all black, and wearing colorful matching outfits. Black Hebrew Israelites, said their sign. It was instantly obvious that they're a buncha nuts.

The first words I heard were, "I am talking to you, woman!" over a loudspeaker turned to too many decibels. "You, right there, in the gray shorts and tank top!"

The preacher was pointing at a woman across the street, specifically calling her out, and she stopped, turned, looked at him, presumably mystified. 

"Why would you wear that?" he bellowed in amplified indignation. "Are you unaware what such clothes cause a man to think? Why would you want men to think of you only as a vagina?" 


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MAY 26, 2024

The woman, here in the 21st century, was not dressed provocatively. Even if she was, what savage would call her out across the street, via loudspeakers? This was just plain hate speech.

She replied appropriately by flipping him the middle fingers of both her hands, and held that pose as he continued with Bible verses.

I have seen women wearing much, much less in public, but even when such sights have led to impure thoughts, I have never felt any temptation to insult a woman for her clothes or lack thereof, and I have never thought of a woman as only a vagina.

Which brought me to one of life's recurring compromises. I wanted to punch that preacher man, and would've been satisfied to simply yell at him, but neither could be done. He was armed with a microphone and amplifier I couldn't have out-shouted, and he was surrounded by henchmen, so many of them, all black and most of them big and muscular and wearing matching shirts.

And so, like the woman across the street, I simply walked away. A full block down the street, I could still hear every word of his amplified stupidity. At a block and a half it faded to just noise, but indecipherable.

All that preacher had done to me was insult my intelligence, and only in a roundabout way. What he'd done to that woman across the street, though, was the rudest thing I've seen short of physical assault. It doesn't seem like something Christ would do.

Considering that I was nearly out of money a week ago, it's almost frightening how money issues are resolving themselves now.

Mom's gift/loan was enough to pay June's rent, and assuming no extravagances (I'm rarely extravagant), the paycheck for a few days work at Walgreens will be enough to pay July's rent.

And I've switched temp agencies, and gotten my first gig from the new outfit. It's two weeks at Seattle Sprockets, a major west coast distributor or sprockets and flanges, starting on Tuesday. That should bring in enough to pay August's rent, and I'm hoping to be on Social Security by September.

I can smell it from here and now, and it smells lovely.

In Texas, the Republican Party's official platform now calls for teaching the Bible in public schools, and an amendment to the state Constitution that would make it effectively impossible for Democrats to win statewide offices.

It goes without saying, but if you'd even consider voting for a Republican, go fuck yourself.

Louisiana's wingnut Governor has signed legislation reclassifying mifepristone and misoprostol, the DIY abortion meds, as "controlled and dangerous substances."

The drugs are well-known to be perfectly safe, but facts are passé, when there's a chance to ruin women's lives.

There's not much that's more basic to the notion of American than a secret ballot, but in many states, blind voters don't have that right — someone has to help them fill out and send in their ballots. The California Council of the Blind is suing, and will win if there's any justice, but we all know that's a huge 'if'.

Parole is, I think, a good idea. It incentivizes good behavior in prison, and more importantly, gives people a dash of optimism while they're being treated like shit. 

Republicans prefer treating people like shit, so they don't like parole, and Virginia's Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin has basically ended it.


    Brand New Day
from The Wiz

    God and the FBI
by Janis Ian

    Land of Do What You're Told
by Chumbawamba

    The Ox
by The Who

by Yusuf Islam


Caleb Carr
author, The Alienist

 Charlie Colin
rock'n'roller, Train 

Paul Parkman
rubella vaccine 

Richard Sherman
Disney songwriter, "It's a Small World"


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