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JULY 2, 2024

Sunday was spent with my brother and his wife, and then Monday was spent with my mother and sister, and both days went well (by my standards).

It's the truth when I say that I love these people, but it's also the truth that I'm a hermit, so I'm simply exhausted. Being around humans drains my batteries, and I've been at 0% since long before yesterday's last hug goodbye. 

Ixnay on the oubleheadersday. No more family or social events back-to-back on two consecutive days. 

"You are entering a video surveillance area for your safety," says a sign that annoyed me so much I whipped out my notebook and scribbled it word for word.

The omnipresent cameras are just another way America's gone rancid. We're all so accustomed to it that if things ever didn't feel rancid, we'd wonder what was wrong.

A line must be drawn, though, at the sign's poor sentence structure. Nobody enters the video surveillance area for their safety. 

Do you think a dog, trained to detect humans, can sniff the diff between American humans and foreign humans?  

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals says … YES! 

Punishing homeless people for sleeping in public, when there's nowhere else for them to sleep, is AOK by the Republicans' Supreme Court.

With this, and two states (so far) requiring Christianity in public schools (knowing the Supreme Court will agree), and the 'Chevron' overturn that'll make regulation of big business much less likely (when there's been barely any regulation anyway), the rollback of everything is rolling back so far and so fast, it's work even keeping track of it all.

They're dismantling even the possibility of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in America.

We've always known that the cliché "No-one is above the law" is a lie. The rich and powerful are above the law, and always have been. Now it's official, that former President Donald Trump is above the law.

What it means is only that Trump and Republicans will get away with criminal acts, so in practical terms it means nothing, since Trump and Republicans were going to get away with everything anyway. 

The USA is a shitty sit-com that should've been cancelled years ago. You and me wailing about it? We're just the laugh track.

Perplexity's "search engine" isn't a search engine, it's an AI-powered "answer engine" that plagiarizes websites that have done the research and writing work. It ought to be illegal, but so should the new Google.


The climate changes, storms get stronger

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Orlando Cepeda
baseballer, San Francisco Giants 

Martin Mull
actor, Fernwood Tonight 

Mildred Thornton Stahlman
saved newborn babies


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  1. Not sure if you're still paying for Kagi but someone made a standalone version of Google's search engine that includes the little bit of code that strips out the AI "help": https://udm14.com/

    1. Thanks — looks like a very worthwhile project

      And no, my Kagi lapsed during one of my recent financial dilemmas.


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