Scarecrow Video is wobbling financially, which is big bad news for me. I'm a member, and Scarecrow is a cherished resource in my never-ending film festival — it's the world's largest video rental store, with 148,000 titles, many of which are so obscure they're not available anywhere else. They might have more movies than they don't have.

And they're in trouble. Pitch in a few bucks if you can, or better yet, reach out to all your rich-bastard friends. 

Other than that, what's happening? Still waiting to hear from Social Security, but after five weeks they sent me a stupid form letter thanking me for signing up for their website.

My room is overrun with ants, but that happens every summer, and reminds me to take out the trash. My flatmate Dean is making me want to strangle him, but that happens a lot, too. Every time I see him. 


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JUNE 24, 2024

Yesterday I was boiling ramen, blissfully alone in the kitchen, when he came home from (he told me, of course) a casino and heavy drinking day.

First thing he said was, "Oh, ramen," and he bent over to sniff it, then told me what's in it because he has eyes — "with peas and sausage." Then he told me all about his casino and heavy drinking day, and the book he's reading, and that he saw a rat in the kitchen yesterday, and much, much more.

When my ramen was ready, I took it into my room, closed the door, and became happy. Hadn't said a word to Dean, and of course, he didn't even notice.

Here's a sneak preview of the ugliness and cruelty of President Trump's second term

There is so much going so wrong in America I can't even make a list, but Republicans have made sure it's legal to kill bears in Florida, especially if you think they're high on crack cocaine. 

The writing in this article annoys me in almost every paragraph, but the news is bad too, and worth reading. Mustache-twirling supervillian Erik Prince (Blackwater) started a WhatsApp group for his well-connected supervillain friends, and thinking nobody was eavesdropping, they said lots of supervillain things only supervillains would say.

Washington State University has developed a new variety of wheat, which is part of what an agricultural college like WSU does, but they've named it after George Bush. Not the monstrous ex-president, though, and also not the other monstrous ex-president.

"If you want to respect the rule of law, you've got to start from the original law giver, which was Moses," says wingnut Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry, as he signs legislation requiring the Ten Commandments in public school classrooms.

He also says, "I can’t wait to be sued," because fellow wingnuts control the US Supreme Court, and they'd love to take a bite out of separation of church and state. 

I'm canceling my plans to vacation in Pakistan. Also, the Koran is horseshit. 

I love Doctor Who, but it's plain batty for Scientific American to analyze why The Doctor has two hearts, and how that works.

I've occasionally written about Slab City, an anarchist enclave in the deserts of California. Here's a sliver of life there: Guy shoots another guy in the back, cops come and arrest the perp — pretty much the same as would happen anywhere.

What made me smile is the part where the victim survived, and checked out of the hospital saying he had no intention of talking to law enforcement.

Republicans in Wisconsin are blocking any efforts to clean up contaminated drinking water, until the companies that created the contamination are granted immunity.

It's at least nice that they've laid out their priorities plainly: money and profits first, and then maybe water and life. 

Here's a pretty decent op-ed, with a good idea: Biden should pardon long-dead D.M. Bennett, a victim of the Comstock Act, to help spread word about what that law is and means — and that it's still on the books, waiting for its inevitable reanimation by the vultures of the Supreme Court.


How stupid do you have to be to believe the AI hype? 

Logitech mouse has a dedicated "AI" button 

Hospitals run on pneumatic tubes 

The four Smothers Brothers [video]


Mike Brumley
baseballer, Seattle Mariners 

James Chance

Ed Denson
good guy 

Evans Evans
actress, Bonnie and Clyde 

Maya Pines Froomkin
journalist & mom 

Willie Mays
Said 'Hey' 

Tamayo Perry

Donald Sutherland
actor, Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Anthea Sylbert
costume designer, Carnal Knowledge


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  1. Sutherland was a dedicated lefty too, participating with Jane Fonda on the FTA (Fuck The Army) tour:


    Gotten so used to vaguely #resist type celebs that I sometimes forget what the real thing looks like. (It was kind of a kick in the teeth to see Bill Walton in his last years throwing his weight and considerable stature behind anti-homeless measures in San Diego, like driving them to the city limits and putting them in a camp in the desert.)

    1. That's a better obit than the one I linked to, for Sutherland. It's very rare for someone, even someone of the left, to stay put on the political spectrum after becoming rich and famous, so I generally eschew fanning out over anyone, but if I did it would be Sutherland. I even got some new movies to watch, the Bethune double feature, from that Jacobin obituary, thanks.

      Sutherland was, you may or may not know, married to Shirley Douglas, a Canadian actress and the daughter of Tommy Douglas. He was the very-socialist Saskatchewan Premier who wrote Canada's Bill of Rights, and invented what evolved into his country's universal health care.


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