A weighted blanket

I've had insomnia since forever, and tried a lot of bright ideas and dumb ideas to get a good night's sleep, but this one is seems like a major breakthrough.

It's a weighted blanket. Soft bits of extra material have been sewn into the fabric, making it noticeably heavier than even a heavy blanket.

I'd read that a weighted blanket works like a hug — the weight makes it feel like something is pressing down on you as you nestle under the blanket, and the body's response is to relax.

That sounds like pureed organic hippie horseshit, right?

Well, that's why I hesitated so long before buying one. After thinking about it for several years, though, I bought this weighted blanket not long ago.

Now I'm sleeping perhaps an additional hour on an average night. I used to lie awake in bed, reading a chapter or two of a book before falling asleep; now I read a paragraph or two. When I wake up to pee in the middle of the night, getting back to sleep is easier than it was. I'm sleeping longer, deeper, and later too, if the alarm clock isn't set to go off.

If the seams ever rip I imagine the filling might make a mess, but so far there are no loose threads. Whatever's inside the blanket, weighing it down, doesn't smell or feel weird. You'll definitely notice the blanket's extra weight — it's a bit of work, pulling it on or off of you, and when the package arrived I nearly wrenched my back lifting it onto the table to open it.

But this blanket is warm and comfy and heavy, and it truly does hug me to sleep every night. No more counting sheep, and no more pills.



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