Ham Sandwich Fund

A ham sandwich for lunch.
Sometimes dinner. Occasionally breakfast.

I like ham sandwiches. That means I need a couple of loaves of bread every week, and meat and mustard and mayo, and sliced pickles. When I'm feeling fancy, a slab of American cheese. Some chips on the side, and a diet soda.

Won't you please help?

 Please support the Ham Sandwich Fund, 
 by clicking the sandwich.

If you donate to the Ham Sandwich Fund, you do not get access to special members-only posts, and you don't get a tote-bag or anything. You'll be helping a fat man remain fat, though. I’ll send a ‘thank you’ email, and as a bonus, I promise to send no future emails nagging you to buy me another sandwich.

No kindness is too small, or too large. $1 buys almost half a loaf of bread.

Disclaimer: Ham Sandwich Fund is not a registered 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization, so donations are appreciated but not tax-deductible.