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About the site

I’m a grumpy old fart, and this is my website. I write about stuff. That's all that happens here, but there are some recurring themes:

Breakfast at the Diner is a visit to my favorite restaurant, where I eat alone, and then write about it. I recommend the house omelet.
Company Culture is about a job I didn’t hate, at a company that didn't stink. “Now under new management,” though.
Cranky Old Man is a recycling bin for yesterday’s news, dumb thoughts, general grumpiness, and whatever I've found while wandering the web. 

Movies, movies, and more movies is about movies, especially older, weirder, lower-budget, forgotten, handmade, or otherwise unusual movies.

Not complete crap is a list of my pages that aren’t complete crap, for anyone who's in a hurry or wants me to audition.

Pathetic Life was my diary, published as a zine in the 1990s, when I lived in a low-rent, roach-filled bum-hotel in San Francisco. Good times, man.
Something Blue is a five-part chunk of fiction that I wrote in 2019. If it’s any fun at all (?) it’s more fun if I don’t tell you what it’s about. 

StephMemorial is a separate site all about Stephanie, my marvelous wife and best friend for not-enough years. Dang, I miss her.
Write Your Own Words is an occasional page of zine reviews, because you should read a zine today, and maybe write one tomorrow. 

There's no registration, no memberships, no souvenirs, t-shirts, or tote bags, and nothing's behind a paywall. You will not be asked to turn off your adblocker, because there will never be ads.
There will be occasional blasphemy and political dissent, use of naughty language and illegal substances, and references to pee and poop and boobies and boners. If you're easily offended, click elsewhere. 

Subscribing is free, there's no spam, and it's easy to unsubscribe when you've had enough of me.

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