"Hello, Rebecca"

Last night I dreamed about a woman I had a crush on many years ago. I’ve rarely thought of her since, so the dream was a surprise. Hello, Rebecca. Good to see you. What have you been up to in the years since way back when, and what the hell are you doing in my dreams?

In real life, she’d worked at the same place as me, and we were cordial, that's all. I’m a believer in the “leagues theory” and she was several parsecs out of mine. She never turned me down because I knew better than to ever ask her out. She was bright, funny, and attractive, and I was nope, nope, and nope.

In the dream, she was suddenly a neighbor of mine. We ran into each other at the store, and then later on the sidewalk, and I said, “Hello, Rebecca. Good to see you,” and she said similar platitudes except she didn’t call me Rebecca. Just like when she wasn’t a dream, we both said nothing more than the shallowest sentences, a G-rated joke and then, “See ya later.”

I have only the vaguest idea where Rebecca might be now, other than, apparently, my dreams. Hope she's doing well. If fate ever puts us in the same time and place, I still believe that asking her out would be insulting her, so I still wouldn’t. I’m sure I’d smile and say “Good to see you,” followed not long later by “Excuse me, gotta go.” It would be a dream come true.



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