This is a pep talk for myself, but you're welcome to listen in.

Thought, distilled into something physical, is art, and everyone ought to do it. Visit a museum? Absolutely, and read a good book, watch a great play or movie, listen to well-made music, soak it all in — but art isn't only something we look at and admire and consume. It's also what we create.

We — ordinary people, like you and me — can make an idea into art. It doesn't have to be great, and win awards, and hang in the Louvre. It doesn't have to be like anyone else's creations. It only has to be from you.

Put yourself into it, more and more of yourself, as much of yourself as you can squeeze out of you. When you can say I created that, then it's art. You're an artist.

But is it good enough? That's for you to decide, not anyone else. Even if you decide it's disappointing, it's still better than if you hadn't created something, and your next try might be better.

But what will people think? If you create it, it's art, and if you think it's beautiful, it's beautiful. Other people might like it or love it, or be bored or despise it, but you made it for you. It's only your opinion that matters.

What you create could only be created by you. If you don't create it, your creations will never exist. I'm excited when art exists. Your art should exist. It's in you. Squeeze it out of you.

Make some art exist — today.



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