$20 for a spare toilet

More than one person in a one-toilet residence can be a problem. When you gotta go, you gotta go, and sometimes you can't wait five minutes, so we bought this $19.95 Luggable Loo. It cost ten bucks when we bought it, but that was twenty years ago.

It's very basic: a standard size 5-gallon bucket, with a toilet seat that snaps snugly on top. It's designed for camping trips, but we used it in the living room. I'd guess that it's been used fifty times, whenever one of us really had to go but the toilet was occupied. No spills, no leaks, no worries. It was also a godsend that time I clogged the toilet but good.

If you already have a 5-gallon bucket, they sell just the snap-on seat for $14.95. They also sell special bags designed to fit the bucket and seat, but that's a waste of money; ordinary kitchen bags work fine. Obviously, you want to tie and toss the bag after each use.

Have a seat and make yourself comfortable.



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