Things that are bullshit

💩 Any holiday that's defined by a greeting card is bullshit. Valentine's Day. Mother's Day. Father's Day. These are 'holidays' brought to you by Hallmark, designed to sell greeting cards to people uncomfortable expressing their own emotions, and to keep restaurants so busy it's almost impossible to get a decent meal. How about this instead? If you have a sweetie, be sweet to him/her every day of the year. If you appreciate your mom and/or dad, cut out the expensive middleman and tell your mom and/or dad that you appreciate them.

💩 It's bullshit that it's a problem when government entities like the Post Office or Amtrak aren't profitable. They're not about being profitable. They're about providing an essential service that people need, and they provide that service exactly BECAUSE it's not profitable. If it was profitable, private companies would do it. Since it's not profitable BUT STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE, we do it with tax expenditures and that's they way it should be.

💩 It's bullshit that you should propose with a diamond ring. They even tell you how many months of your wages you should spend on the diamond. It's pure propaganda, simply advertising, from diamond brokers. Do you love someone? That's amazing! Now tell them you love them. Tell them you want to spend your lives together. Then instead of wasting thousands of dollars on a glittery little pebble, spend that money on your lives together.

💩 It's bullshit that humans need to drink cow's milk, or any dairy products made from cow's milk. Sure, ice cream is delicious, but we have far too much dairy in the western diet. It isn't healthy.

💩 It's bullshit that marijuana is a gateway drug, or in any plausible way scary. It's safer than any other pain or nausea medicine, and far safer than alcohol for anyone who wants a brief disconnection from reality.

💩 It's bullshit that government-backed health care — like the UK, Canada, and other civilized nations have — is worse than the fucked-up mess of the American for-profit health care system. For-profit health care is absolutely better and quicker if you're amazingly rich, but if you're anyone else it's a booby trap that will kill you when it has the chance.

💩 It's bullshit that we make children recite a pledge of allegiance to a colored cloth on a stick. You want to teach children to be loyal to their government? Give them good education when they're kids and good government when they're adults and they'll be loyal.

💩 It's bullshit that we stand and sing a national indoctrination anthem before every sporting event. We're Americans and we already know it. We don't need to be pressured into singing a silly song that glorifies war and is impossible to sing anyway.

💩 It's bullshit that most adults need to wear deodorant. It's all because of advertising, inducing shame for people who smell like people. There's nothing repulsive about smelling like a human. Humans sweat. Take a shower every other day and it's barely noticeable.

💩 It's bullshit that women need to buy and use douche products. Your vagina is a lovely and delicate ecosystem of its own, and unless you have genuine medical issues it will take care of itself without the purchase of industrially-manufactured vagina cleaners.

💩 💩 💩 There are more things that are bullshit than the few things that aren't, so this is far from a complete list. Do yourself a favor and don't swallow bullshit.

Republished 6/8/2023  


  1. Most of these are opinions - which I agree with - but one factual bullshit is the douche thing. Unless you have a medical problem, douching is a bad thing, or so I have been led to believe.

    1. OK, here's a true and stupid story: I worked at an office with a somewhat humorless woman who always smelled slightly of cleaning fluid. The running joke between me and an almost as disgusting co-worker was that she douched with Janitor-in-a-Drum.

      One night working late without her, I bent over and inhaled the seat of her chair, and it was her usual scent only much, much moreso.

      She really was a douchecoholic, I think.


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