I try not to judge people on the basis of age, appearance, body size, disability, education, ethnicity, gender, income, nationality, nose rings, race, religion, or sexual orientation. I don’t have much patience for stupidity, though — especially stubborn, intentional stupidity that stands opposed to facts, reason, and science.

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To be 98% protected from COVID-19, any American needs only to be jabbed. The vaccinations are free, and easy to obtain. For another 1½% protection, continue wearing a mask when you’re indoors or at a public event, and easy as that, you’re 99.5% protected.

Many Americans don’t want the protection, though. They’ve refused to wear masks, refused the vaccine, and convinced each other that the pandemic is fake news, or that the vaccine is microchip-based, etc.

Almost all of these people are Republicans. I don't understand it, but based on what these folks say when reporters stick a microphone in front of them, they seem to be driven by stupidity and a yearning to own the libs.

At this writing, 608,000 Americans' deaths have been attributed to COVID-19, and many — very many — of them would be alive and well, if these obstinate fools had simply worn masks in public. But they won’t, and they won’t get the vaccine.

The coronavirus is killing hundreds of Americans every day, a number that's rapidly rising, and very nearly all of the recent dead have been vaccine-refuseniks. The head of the Centers for Disease Control says it’s becoming “a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” 

On my left shoulder, an angel tells me to type “Every life is precious,” but on my right shoulder a little man wearing red says, "Au revour, imbeciles." 



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  1. Kids, dude. Nobody under 12 can even get the vaccine, and kids up to 18 living with bonerhead Republicans aren't able to get vaccinated.

    The adults, tho, yeah, they can die and burn in hell.


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