Bad cops: Sunday, October 22, 2023

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Police dog’s attack on Black trucker in Ohio echoes history

He was beaten to death in a Los Angeles jail, and it took staff nearly 4 hours to notice

Sweet plea deal gives Philadelphia cop as little as 15 years for 200+ counts of child rape, kiddie porn, etc

Arizona prosecutor who was fired after working with police to falsely charge protesters as 'gang members' stands by her actions
    Excerpt:  “People can be out there taking photos of the sunset and then go home and murder their spouse,” Sponsel said in response to a question from her attorney. “Does that necessarily mean they were innocent of murdering their spouse because they were taking pictures of the sunset earlier in the day? No.”

 New Jersey police department faces federal investigation for "systemic violations of the Constitution and federal law"

No 'qualified immunity' for Iowa cop who tackled, pepper-sprayed, and arrested journalist during 2020 police riots

Police departments in Salt Lake County spent almost $20 million on civil rights complaints in the past decade

South Carolina cop quits after pattern of pervy behavior and sex in his squad car
    Excerpt: Prior to his resignation, Matthews worked at the Greenville Police Department for three years and the South Carolina Department of Public Safety for almost four years before that, state police records show.
Me again: So he's been at this for a while.

St. Louis County cops are hush-hush on job status of cop who went berserk at kids' Halloween party

'The justice system failed us': Jalen Randle's mother decries Texas grand jury decision not to charge white cop who shot and killed unarmed black man

NYPD cops sued for misconduct cost city millions in settlements — then get promotions

Maryland cop indicted for assault on other cops at 1/6/21 attack on capital

"Questions linger" after Connecticut cops shoot man dead in his bed

Israel police boss threatens to send anti-war protesters to Gaza "on buses"

California bans 'excited delirium' as a cause of death
    Excerpt: The theory is that sufferers of this condition (that only seems to crop up when people are being assaulted by law enforcement officers) are both “excited” and “delirious.” In some cases, that means their heart rates are increased. In other cases, they may say incoherent things like “I can’t breathe.” In almost every case, the only cure is subduing the person to death, thus ridding them of their excited delirium by eliminating its root cause: being alive while being arrested.

After Colorado cop caused crash, victim says city has ignored him: "No accountability"
    Excerpt: Christopher Cordova says nearly two and a half years after a Denver police officer was ticketed for crashing into him and causing serious injuries, the City of Denver has refused to discuss paying for his injuries, medical care or lost wages despite repeated requests.
    “But it’s disappointing there’s no accountability,” Cordova told CBS News Colorado. “An apology would have been nice.”
    Cordova, 53, is a driver for a bakery, delivering bread and baked goods around Denver before dawn. A Denver native, he has been doing it for 27 years.
    On the morning of April 13, 2021, Cordova was on Quebec Street headed toward his first delivery. Denver Police Officer Jacob Marsh was in an unmarked city SUV, in uniform and apparently working an off-duty job. According to an accident report, Marsh was headed southbound on Quebec Street in the northbound lanes at a high rate of speed. There are indications he was following another driver. Cordova says there were no lights or sirens. Marsh crashed into Cordova’s bakery delivery truck at an estimated 75 mph. The speed limit in the area was 45 mph. …

•  To play on the LAPD football team, you must first undergo hazing — "a group sexual assault"

Trial opens for two former Illinois prosecutors who allegedly helped frame black men after they'd been tortured by Chicago PD
    Excerpt: … The pair were charged in connection with the prosecution of [Jackie Wilson] who the courts have said was wrongfully convicted, continuing the 40-year chronicle of the case against him, who was charged along with his brother Andrew with killing Officers William Fahey and Richard O’Brien in 1982.
    A court later declared Jackie Wilson innocent after he said he was tortured into a false confession by detectives working under [notorious ex-Chicago police Cmdr. Jon Burge]. The brothers’ allegations against Burge’s crew were among the first to be documented, helping expose systematic torture of Black men that took place for decades at Area 2 police headquarters.
    [Nicholas Trutenko[, 68, who prosecuted Jackie Wilson more than three decades ago, is charged with perjury, official misconduct, obstruction of justice and violating a local records act in relation to his testimony at Wilson’s third trial, in 2020. [Andrew Horvat], 48, represented Trutenko in that proceeding and is accused of official misconduct. …

Texas deputy arrested for grooming and recurring child rape gets bail in half an hour, and paid leave

Mississippi "Goon Squad" sheriff seeks 'qualified immunity' to get out of lawsuit over torture of black men

Denver to pay $557,000 to settle case of police officer who hit pedestrian while texting and driving

Kentucky cop who killed Breonna Taylor — now deputy in a different county — rams car and pulls gun, witnesses say

Texas town pays $175K, promises to better train cops, after ignoring and laughing a 9-1-1 calls from 2020 Biden campaign bus surrounded and taunted by Trump supporters

The story of Chris Kaba: How London Police hide behind the thin blue line

San Diego pays $8 million to man run over by SUV while being arrested for jaywalking
    Excerpt: In the early morning hours, just before 5:00 AM, police were called to a report of vandalism inside the 7-11 convenience store on Rosecrans near Midway Drive.
    Guy, according to court documents, walked across the street when police arrived at the scene.
    As he walked across the street, San Diego Police Officer Matthew Lorenzen grabbed Guy’s wrist and placed him on the ground in the middle of busy Rosecrans Street.
    Moments later an SUV traveling on Rosecrans slammed into Guy.
    The impact caused severe injuries, including numerous broken bones, internal bleeding, torn organs and internal decapitation - an injury where the brain stem is sheared from the spinal cord. According to the lawsuit Guy’s treating physicians questioned whether to remove Guy from life support. The thirty-something-year-old later made a slight recovery, however, is still in need of round-the-clock medical care. …

    Me again: The article doesn’t even say he was the vandal, or even suspected of it. He walked across the street, that’s all. Or, halfway across, before being taken down.

Louisiana police chief arrested for accepting cash at a traffic stop

Small business owners say they're pressured to hire off-duty Minneapolis cops for security

Suspended with pay for domestic violence, Georgia cop vacations in Germany and posts prank arrest video

Killed in Cop City
    Excerpt: … The only eyewitnesses to the shooting that day were the officers. And it took nine months for the prosecutor to release a report concluding the police killing of Teran was “objectively reasonable” and that “no criminal charges will be brought against any officers.” And with that, the prosecutor’s case is officially closed.
    But Teran’s family continues to fight to have all the evidence released. “We have waited eight months for the truth. We are in pain. We want to hear the interviews. We want our experts to review the lab tests. We want our questions answered,” the family said in a statement. “This report does not answer our questions. How long must we wait?” …

New Mexico city 'expects lawsuit' after angry cop shoots and kills woman

Washington judge tosses case against man who "assaulted a police officer's knuckles with the back of his head"

South Carolina school cop is fired over alleged 'relationship' with an underage student

Summoned to testify before watchdog, NYC jails chief doesn't even show up

Nevada police officer sentenced to prison for casino robberies netting $165K

He parties with neo-Confederates, trashes MLK, and leads the 'Constitutional Sheriffs'
    Excerpt:  As many as one in 10 of the nation’s 3,000 sheriffs are members of the constitutional sheriffs group he leads. CSPOA is also authorized to train law enforcement officials in states from Montana to Virginia to Tennessee.
    Me again: This is a major and growing problem — true political wingnuts, even scarier than an average cop, are in charge of law enforement in your city or county, or one nearby.

State eyes in the sky: On the history of helicopters in policing

Family of Texas student killed by police calls for transparency

With detective work, Virginia newspaper is able to finally identify killer-cop
    The Dare County Sheriff’s Office had wanted deputy sheriff master officer Edward Glaser III name to be kept hush-hush, after he killed a man suspected of trespassing.

Minneapolis cop is suspended with pay, while department investigates his on-duty boinking

Missouri cop arrested for child rape, kiddie porn

Four officers fired and forced from law enforcement are back on the job in Wisconsin

Fired Michigan cop sues city, claims wrongful whistleblower firing

Alabama cop faces paid leave after video shows him repeatedly punching handcuffed suspect in the face

Michigan deputy charged with felony misconduct over 'consensual' relationship with woman he was investigating
    The link is well-paywalled, so here's the full text:
    MUSKEGON COUNTY, MI - A Muskegon County sheriff’s deputy fired in June has been charged with felony misconduct while in office, court records show.
    Former Muskegon County Sheriff Det. Darric Roesler, 51, was charged Oct. 16 in 60th District Court, court records show. He waived a preliminary hearing, and the case was bound over to 14th Circuit Court, records show.
    The charges stem from prosecutors linking Roesler to engaging in a sexual relationship with a woman he was investigating.
    Roesler allegedly had a consensual sexual relationship with a woman he was investigating in a case where the woman was accused of embezzling more than $10,000 from a “vulnerable adult,” Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson told MLive/The Muskegon Chronicle.
    The felony charge for Roesler has a punishment of up to five years in state prison, a $10,000 fine or both, according to Michigan law. He was released on a $5,000 bond, records show.
    The Michigan State Police notified Muskegon County Sheriff Michael Poulin in April of the investigation into Roesler, Poulin said. Roesler was fired from his detective position in the sheriff’s department in June after immediately being placed on administrative leave and then later a suspension without pay.
    The termination was for Roesler violating department policy, Poulin said.
    Roesler still lists his job as a medical examiner investigator for the county in his LinkedIn page. He was formerly a Muskegon city firefighter.
    A date has not been set yet in circuit court for Roesler’s next hearing.
    Me again: I've been told that Roesler is a really big family in police and fire in Muskegon County, for generations. This has to be embarrassing.

Seattle Police Dept hires outside investigator to investigate investigation ☆by cop's union rep☆ that cleared cop of drunk driving in fatal high-speed wreck
    And it’s the same cop who said the victim’s life had “limited value” and that the city should “just write a check.”

Lawsuit says California couple had filed a complaint about the cop who later killed them

Washington sheriff's office deactivates, reactivates Facebook account after criticism and 'spam' over 62-year-old almost beaten to death for a $50 infraction

    The police problem is that police are policed by the police. Cops are accountable only to other cops, which is no accountability at all.
    99.9999% of police brutality, corruption, and misconduct is never investigated, never punished, never makes the news, so it’s not on this page.
    When cops are caught breaking the law, they’re investigated by other cops. Details are kept quiet, the officers’ names are withheld from public knowledge, and what info is eventually released is only what police choose to release — often nothing at all.
    When police are fired — which is all too rare — they leave with ‘law enforcement experience’ and can easily find work in another police department nearby. It’s called “Wandering Cops.”
    When police testify under oath, they lie so frequently that cops themselves have a joking term for it: “testilying.” Yet it’s almost unheard of for police to be punished or prosecuted for perjury.
    Cops can and do get away with lawlessness, because cops protect other cops. If they don’t, they aren’t cops for long.
    The legal doctrine of “qualified immunity” renders police officers invulnerable to lawsuits for almost anything they do. In practice, getting past ‘qualified immunity’ is so unlikely, it makes headlines when it happens.
    All this is a path to a police state.
    In a free society, police must always be under serious and skeptical public oversight, with non-cops and non-cronies in charge, issuing genuine punishment when warranted.
    Police who break the law must be prosecuted like anyone else, promptly fired if guilty, and barred from ever working in law-enforcement again.
    That’s the solution.


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