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You learned to read and write when you were a little kid, and you still read or you wouldn't be on this page. I hope you still write, too, and if you don't, why doncha? Writing is fundamental, and I love reading what other people have written — even people who aren't paid to write. Especially people who aren't paid to write.

These are some amateur words I've written about amateur writing I've read.

• The Match #122

In the 1990s,
some friends & I
published Zine World
(cover by Jeff Meyer)
• Broken Pencil
Cape Cod Policymaker #6
Dear You
The East Village Inky #64
Green Ghost
I Am Trash
I Hate Fun
The Policymaker

Friday Night in
West Ealing #321
Items from My Childhood
Lazy Sundays
Montana Diary
No Gods, No Mattress
The One-Eyed Wolf
Over the Fence
Sometimes People Don’t Suck #1
What I Did in Lockdown

Factsheet Five was
the zine that
reviewed other zines.

  #4  Driving Around
Marie and Worrywort
No Romance in Hell
Rebel Art Hoe #1
These Are All
To Love: Abusers
in Radical Spaces

Behind the Zines #10
Earth Day Special
Feral Comics #12
Taddle Creek #47A
Touring America:
Fall in New England
With Intention
Zisk #32

I'm pretty sure
this was the
first zine I ever read.

A Knock of Three
Anywhere but Here
Awesome Things #3
Devil in Hand
The Man Who Mistook
His Life for a Hat
Mystery Zine Bundle
Scarfff #7
That Girl #16

This blog is a zine.