An elevated throne

I bought this plastic toilet seat riser six years ago, when my wife was having health and motility issues, and finding it difficult to get up off the toilet. Sitting five inches higher, she could stand up off the toilet without having me help hoist her.

It goes without saying, my wife loved this thing. At only $16, the seat riser is great for anyone with leg weakness or other issues that make getting up a challenge.

What surprised me is that I love it too. I'm not physically disabled, just chronically lazy, and it takes less effort to get up off the toilet when you're sitting higher on this piece of plastic.It's more comfortable sitting a few inches up, too. I'm so accustomed to sitting fancy, that when I poop away from home it feels awkward, like I'm a grown-up sitting on a kiddie-chair.

The seat rests over the toilet seat, and fits snugly with no assembly required. It's 99% stable, but we had a few almost-topplings when my wife was sitting comfy and then reached extra-far for a magazine or a fresh roll of toilet paper. With some duct tape to more permanently secure it to the toilet, problem solved.

It cleans easily. Says it supports up to 250 pounds, but I weighed much more than that before my diet, and the seat riser never creaked or crinkled under me. Men and boys beware, though: the seat riser reduces the target area when you're peeing standing up, so you'll need to either aim carefully or start sitting down.

It took me a couple of weeks to get used to sitting higher and peeing more judiciously, but once I'd become accustomed to it, must admit, I greatly prefer my elevated toilet over any other crapper I've ever used. It's a little luxury for the loo. Sincerely recommended.



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