Perfect popcorn

Unless they've burned it or it's leftover from yesterday, popcorn at the movies tastes fantastic. Better even than fresh-popped at home, and Flavacol, or something very similar, is the reason why.

This stuff is amazing. A tiny shake of Flavacol will make homemade popcorn taste EXACTLY like perfect cinema popcorn, and it's surprisingly cheap — $8.95 for a carton that's lasted me a year and a half, so far.

"For better tasting popcorn" says the package, but here's a secret: it's not just for popcorn. It's also great sprinkled over scrambled eggs, baked vegetables, buttered toast, or almost anything I've tried it on.

If you're on a diet, try chopping celery into popcorn-sized pieces and sprinkle in some Flavacol. It tastes almost exactly the same as eating popcorn, but with only a fraction of the calories. And afterwards you'll be picking celery string out of your teeth instead of popcorn kernels.

I bought some Halo Top (diet ice cream) and didn't care for the flavor, so on a whim I added a quick dash of Flavacol, and … it wasn't great, but it was an improvement.

What's in Flavacol? Lots of salt, with food coloring, soy, and mysterious "artificial flavors." This is comfort food, definitely not health food — but it's great.

A little bit goes a long way. You don't need much, only the briefest sprinkle.



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