One absolute truth

You go through life, and it seems like you're always doing this and not doing that, even when you'd rather do that instead of this. Maybe you go to school and maybe you don't, maybe you get married and have kids and maybe you don't. Probably you work your ass off, but maybe you hitchhike to Hawaii and eat zenburgers on your surfboard.

Whatever you do, eventually you wake up one morning and realize you're no longer a struggling 20-year-old kid, because now you're 30.

Ten years after that you're 40, and damn, that went quick.

Twenty years after that you're 60, and so it goes until you're dead.

If you pay attention and you're smart or lucky, maybe you learn things as you go, and you're better at living life at 40 than at 20. Maybe not. Maybe you teach things to people who have even more to learn than you. With effort and lucky dice, all of it might be fun and fulfilling. Or it might not.

You try your best, you learn and teach, live and love, squeeze in as much living as you can, but no matter how much time you get and effort you give, if there's one absolute truth at the end, it's only that you never really figured out jack crap.


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