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♦  I peeked ahead and discovered that I’m missing most of Pathetic Life #7, the December 1994 issue. If anyone reading this has a copy, I would happily pay the cover price for a copy of your copy.

♦  Time Lapse is a low-budget science-fiction movie from 2014 that I streamed a few nights ago. It has three annoying and mostly stereotypical characters in their 20s, but two out of three get less annoying as the story rolls along. From the title you’ll guess it’s a time-travel movie, a genre I like, and the only reason I watched this. As usually happens in time travel movies, everything spirals out of control. It would be R-rated for violence, but it was barely released and skipped the MPAA step entirely. It's too dark for my tastes, and doesn’t make any damned sense at all the morning after, but it was fun while I was watching it. 

♦  Now that science has licked the coronavirus, I hope they’ll invent a working cell phone. I’ve never placed a call via cell without hearing, “I’m sorry, you’re breaking up.” And any time I'm on my landline, I absolutely know if you're on a cell phone, because if you are you sound like this.

 ♦ This is the end, beautiful friend
    This is the end, My only friend, the end

    Of our elaborate plans, the end

    Of everything that stands, the end

    No safety or surprise, the end

    I'll never look into your eyes again …

I always thought “The End” was Jim Morrison on LSD contemplating suicide, but nope. It was Jim Morrison on LSD after his girlfriend, Mary Werbelow, had dumped him.
♦  Ringo Starr is not a cock-ring
♦  When it comes to pop music, Jesus is a distant second place, behind Baby.
♦  7,599 people were paid 2¢ per sheep to draw sheep.
♦  Eno is fascinated by all things Star Trek, and seeks out all the chairs and glassware and everything else from the show. His front page is just a picture, but click ‘about’ and then look through ‘sourced objects’. Fascinating.
♦  Have you always wanted to be a priest? If not you, who? If not now, when?
♦  Without frozen food, some days I’d have no food at all. 
♦  "You're probably wondering at this point, why is this weird Polish-named guy up on stage talking about Kirk drilling Spock?" 


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