"They're coming for your guns!"

Gun control means different things to different people, and it's an issue that pisses people off, so I'll explain where I stand before asking my question:

I would like nincompoops, and people convicted of violent crimes, and the mentally challenged and mentally unbalanced, to be prohibited from owning guns. I would like gun purchasers to endure a background check. I would like gun owners to be required to sit through an hour of training on gun storage and gun safety, just once in their lives. And I believe nobody should be able to legally own a working machine-gun.

That's what I'd call "gun control."

But I'd have no interest in confiscating the handguns and rifles owned by any law-abiding citizens, assuming they've met the common-sense requirements listed above.

What I always hear from the right-side of the aisle is "[Fill in the blank] wants to take away your guns!" That's what they said about Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and that's what they say about any Democrat running for any office anywhere — "They're coming for your guns!" Certainly for Clinton, Obama, and Biden, such claim are plain balderdash. They've never proposed banning the private ownership of guns.

This is not my big political issue, and I'm not within walking distance of knowing what I'm talking about, but I don't remember any elected official in America who's said what Republicans say every Democrat wants — that they want to take everyone's guns.

I've heard a few people say that, same as I've heard people say the moon landing was a hoax or the South will rise again, but has anyone in office, or anyone plausibly running for office, called for taking everyone's guns away?

Maybe I missed it in the news? Maybe someone who matters is actually calling for the repeal of the Second Amendment? I'm asking seriously ... Are there any prominent elected officials in America who are actually calling for gun confiscation?

Or is it just another slice of the Republicans' never-ending bullshit pie?



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