Canceling the cable

My wife recently died, and since she did most of the TV-watching in our house, I decided to cancel the cable. We're keeping Spectrum's internet service, just dropping the cable.

That ain't complicated, right? But the phone call to cancel took 28 minutes, not including time on hold. I spoke with four different people, for almost half an hour, including a supervisor when I grew tired of the BS and demanded it.

Why the hassle? Because everyone wanted to transfer me to someone else who would try talking me into keeping the cable. And I'm pretty sure I could've gotten some kind of a reduced rate for keeping the cable, but I'm really not in a "find the best deal" mood today. Because, like I said, my wife died, you know?

I rarely watch TV, and when I do the rabbit ears are good enough, and I shouldn't have to explain this to four people at Spectrum. I would have cancelled the internet service too, but Spectrum is the only ISP in town.

I do understand that they have retention scripts and protocols to try to keep me from canceling, but when the reason I've given is "My wife recently died, and she did most of the TV-watching," that ought to take our conversation off-script. I really don't appreciate four sales pitches and scripted inquiries about what TV shows I like watching and what Spectrum can do for me today.

What Spectrum can do for me today is cancel my friggin' cable, and also kiss my friggin' ass.



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