Giving socks

I read an article months ago that said homeless people greatly appreciate socks. Their shoes might have holes, so their socks get wet, an invitation to disease, or their socks just rip and wear away…

Well, I love my wool socks. They're warm and soft, and wool has some supernatural ability to never get stinky or stiff no matter how long you wear the same pair, even without washing. They're miracle socks, and who needs a miracle more than someone on the streets?

Mostly I am all about myself so this is abnormal behavior for me, but I budgeted $100 to order 30 pair of wool socks. Yesterday I handed them out on the hobo stretch downtown. Each of the first thirty people I saw who looked homeless got a pair. Some said thank you, some were just puzzled, one man said no, and one man took them but told me I was crazier than him. I aspire to craziness, so that was nice to hear. The socks were all brand new, so maybe some of them will be sold, but that's OK too.

I ran out of socks before running out of people who maybe needed socks, so I plan to do this again, soon. These are the socks I handed out. It was cold yesterday, below freezing overnight, and it will be again tonight. I hope the socks help.



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