Helpful hint for dieters

My backstory, which is really more of a "butt story", is that I was a very fat man for many years. I lost more weight than skinny people weigh, mostly through medically un-advised means — one meal per day, usually a huge salad, or something non-salad like weenies or hamburgers or Chinese food, but eaten with (or mixed into) an extra-big salad. I learned to like salads, and I still like salads.

Then the pandemic came, and I'm working at home, and the fridge is always twelve footsteps away, and there's lots of stress and lots of excuses, and a few days ago I got dressed for the first time since March and guess what? My pants don't fit.

After too many "cheat days" and holidays and stress relievers and worry-away desserts, now it's back to the basics of salad-centric fine dining. Which is fine. It's not pumpkin pie with whipped cream, but it's good.

Anyway, here’s my big reveal, my astounding tip for anyone watching their weight:

You know what makes it more difficult to cheat in the kitchen? Not cheating in the store. I'm simply not allowing myself to purchase anything that's not on my shopping list, and there's nothing on my shopping list but salad and salad fixins, mostly low-cal dressing, olives, onions, eggs, pickles, jalapenos, and the lowest-calorie cheeses.

Your shopping list is no doubt different from mine, but the rule is universal: If you want to make it hard to cheat on your diet, keep the cheat stuff off your shopping list, and then stick to the shopping list.

♪ ♫ Making a list, checking it twice, never be naughty, always be nice. ♫ ♪



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