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ᐅ For everyone who’s been jabbed, the pandemic is effectively over. For everyone else — the millions who’ve refused the shots — new coronavirus variants are coming. In May of 2021, 99% of Americans who died of COVID were unvaccinated. That's impressive stupidity. The shots are free, but 99% of the dead 99% were 'conservatives', who believed the pandemic is a hoax or a conspiracy, hated science, argued against the vaccine, wouldn't wear masks, and died for their dumb beliefs. Perhaps we can rename COVID-19, and call it Republicans’ Disease.

ᐅ Found a dead grasshopper in my pre-packaged salad, or more accurately in my mouth. It was an inch and a half long, old and dried out, and it felt weird on my tongue so I spit it out. No harm done. I'm not a vegetarian, and protein is protein. I reckon the lettuce is harvested by science-fiction machinery and the bugs can’t escape, so maybe I've eaten grasshoppers in the past and not noticed.

The Sandlot was my monthly movie via the internet with my brother, and I’d been led to believe it’s a baseball movie. I like baseball and I’m a sucker for a good baseball movie, but this isn't really about baseball — the game is only the backdrop for a standard-issue kiddie movie. The Sandlot knows neither baseball nor the nature of children, and I mildly despised it after what's basically sexual assault on a lifeguard is played for laughs. Or maybe I'm too grumpy. I suppose it might be fun if you’re 6. I’m not 6.

The Men Who Stare at Goats — I've enjoyed some George Clooney movies where he tries something outside the norm (The Descendants, Good Night and Good Luck, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Up in the Air, etc), but this one is a disappointment. It's a true-ish story about Cold War nuttiness, when the U.S. and Soviets both believed the other side was researching psychic powers, so both countries did research such silliness, just to close the perceived 'psychic powers gap'. The movie is intended as an oddball comedy, but the problem is Ewan McGregor’s character; he plays a reporter who listens to every crazy thing Clooney says, but never replies, "That's bullshit," like any ordinary person would've said over and over again. I'm not Brainiac 5, but when a movie's two main characters are both stupid, it quickly becomes a stupid movie. Also, McGregor played Obi-Wan Kenobi in several sucky Star Wars movies, so maybe it was meant to be funny, each of the many times his character mentions Jedi powers? Like everything else in Goats, I was not amused.

ᐅ I’m the quiet guy in the office. I rarely say much of anything. From working at home for the past year, though, I’ve become very talkative — whatever’s on my mind, I say it. Yesterday, during a text-messaging conversation with a lady I fancy from Accounting, I glanced at her on-screen photo and said, “I’d have a piece of that pumpkin pie.” She couldn’t hear me, of course, but I’ve come close to saying such things in Zoom and Webex meetings, when my mike is live. Gotta start re-censoring myself.

ᐅ When a movie says it’s “based on a true story,” how true is it? 

ᐅ Better than Cliffs Notes: Book-a-Minute.

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ᐅ Some links work better as mystery links, so I'll offer no descriptions or explanations for these: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ].
ᐅ I don’t know what’s happening here but it's fun.
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  1. Captain HampocketsJune 26, 2021 at 5:03 AM

    I need to take notes over the course of the week. I always think, "hmm, this would be good for a Fika post or something!" Then I forget. All my good ideas are gone.

  2. Everything I've ever written started out on a napkin, a receipt, the back of my hand, a magazine margin, or (in my swankiest moments) in a notebook. Right now I'm looking at the back covers of three New Yorkers, all filled with scribbles I'm hoping to scramble into a breakfast at the diner.

  3. I can guess what it means from context but I've never heard "I’d have a piece of that pumpkin pie" before. Did you make that up?

    1. OOTBS — Where it came from, I dunno at all. It's a phrase I've used for almost forever ... I'm sure I said it about you all those years ago.

    2. You made me blush.

  4. Its been years and years since I saw the Sandlot but I loved it, and I think you missed the magic.

    1. Captain HampocketsJune 29, 2021 at 3:46 PM

      How old are you? I'm gonna GUESS about 38? I'm 47, and missed the time when it would have really been meaningful. Doug is 15 years older than me, I'm sure he missed it too.

    2. You young whippersnappers ...

    3. Peter — Sorry, but yeah, I *definitely* missed the magic. Halfway through I said, "Well, why don't they just knock on the old man's door and ask for the ball back?" When the old man finally said the same thing, that was one of the few times I chuckled.


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