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♦ If I think of genealogy at all, which I never do, it seems like a peculiar fascination. I can understand a general interest in history, but it's harder for me to grasp people's specific interest only in the history of sperm and ovum that led to their own selves and relatives.

That said, I would also add ‘wow’. My brother sent this picture, unearthed by the genealogist in our family, of a couple I’ll call Elvira and Randolph. These are two people I’d never heard of, who were the grandparents of my grandmother on my mother’s side. 

My grandmother was born in the late 1800s, and lived almost to the brink of this century. I don’t have a copy of the family tree, but these people — her grandparents — were probably born before the Civil War. In the cosmic scope of things that's a finger-snap ago, but to me it feels like several forevers. Looking into their eyes I am slightly awestruck, and certain that they'd disapprove of everything about me, but maybe I can see the appeal of genealogy after all. 

♦ Almost everyone I’ve ever known who’s still alive and knows where I am has called or messaged that I must be overjoyed that the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship last week.

This presumption is an odd cultural phenomenon. While it's true that I live only a hundred miles or so from Milwaukee, I am neither overjoyed, underjoyed, or just-right joyed about the Bucks. I’ve never seen a Bucks game, can’t name anyone on the team, and couldn’t afford a ticket even if I cared enough to attend.

More sports reports! I wasn’t wild about it at first, but the Cleveland Indians’ rebranding as the Guardians is growing on me. It sounds like Indians, and they made the logo look like the Indians logo, so it should be easy for folks to accept, except for the obvious racists who think 'Indians' was just fine.

The new name is inspired at least partly by the 'Guardians' statues, on the bridge near the stadium. I’ve decided it’s classy, and might be the classiest thing I’ve seen in baseball in a long time. 

♦  Until today, I had been unaware of this gentleman Rémi Gaillard and his work. Having now watched his celebration of the Olympics and some of his other greatest hits, I hope he’s frequently arrested, but also, I laughed. The grownup in me says "dangerous" and "impolite,” but if I ever paid attention to the grown-up in me, jeez, my life would be completely different. 

♦ Dames who are superheroes are still dames, but when the movies keep reminding us that they’re dames, it kinda defeats the whole notion of ‘female empowerment’.

Dancing Communists

Killed by Google. 

Looks like rain.

The Museum of Bad Album Covers

♦ This man built a very long piano.

♦  Mystery links — like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:




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  1. Captain HampocketsJuly 25, 2021 at 9:44 AM

    > Almost everyone I’ve ever known who’s still alive and knows where I am has called or messaged that I must be overjoyed that the Milwaukee Bucks won the NBA championship last week.

    You'll note that I'm not one of them.

    I know that you have a certain affection for basketball, but I also know that you don't give one tiny rat-sized shitlet about the NBA, and have not much city loyalty. And you don't live in Milwaukee.

    1. All big-time pro sports, really. The players are millionaires who'll be gone the moment some other team offers a slightly higher salary, and the owners are billionaires who demand that the government builds their place of business.

      Every time I stop and think about it, it seems mentally challenged.

  2. So America we are considered fairly well off I mean living standard wise. Running water, access to clean drinking water...unless youre in flint...(too soon?)

    Yet we are among one of the only places in the world, where we dont deworm ourselves

    Australia....every 6 months

    Great Britan....twice a year


    1. Deworming? I don't even know what that is? Something we do for dogs...

    2. Deworming

      Dont google it

      Deworming is the process of expelling intestinal worms or parasitic worms from the body by administering an anthelmintic medicine/drug. In more simple terms, it is a medicated process to kill worms

      People are aparently doing this in the US now and its curing all sorts of diseases and problems us US folks have

      Like things when you go to the doctor and every specialist and they are like no idea

    3. Makes sense maybe, I dunno. I ate a horribly unhealthy diet for most of my life, and never thought twice about eating leftover pizza after it sat on the table or got forgot in the microwave for a few days, so who knows what's inside me?

      I’ll make a deworming appointment.

    4. I grew up on a farm. ive done things, seen things, had cuts that have been covered in...well literally shit, punctured with rusty objects. Ive had a parasite...it sucked I lost 50lbs in 2 weeks

      great diet if you dont mind your hair falling out

      get yourself dewormed, man.

    5. > get yourself dewormed, man.

      Are you crazy? A doctor will prescribe a treatment if you need it but most people don't need "deworming."

    6. I don't know anything but i figure, a big parasite like that you'll know about it and they'll deal with it … but what about little ones that just sap 5% of your strength but you're still trucking along just fine

      A deworming might be very helpful for the little ones.

    7. Captain HampocketsJuly 28, 2021 at 6:16 AM

      Just take your poop out of the toilet, chop it up finely with some silverware, and look for worms. You should do this every bowel movement.

    8. Captain, I remember your award-winning poopknife story fondly, every time I take an especially voluminous dump.

    9. https://www.amazon.com/Zahler-ParaGuard-Digestive-Intestinal-Certified/dp/B016LBZSDK

  3. So dirty secret....the boyfriend is Republican

  4. Oh jeez, is there a vaccine for that?

    1. sadly no. The good thing is he doesnt let it destroy who he is. like he will never run up to you and point a finger in your face and say YOURE WRONG. He is not that kind of Republican.

    2. he is a garbage man. He literally iimmune to 90% of things on the planet. I literally kissed him when I was infectious, he drank off my glass ate off my spoon, nothing. he didnt even get a sniffle. I have literally never seen him sick.

    3. Makes me laugh, but I bet dealing with trash all day every day either makes you sick or makes you superman.

    4. When I first met him and the first time i went over to his house. I preheated the oven and it started to smoke. Im like wtf. he starts to panic and grabs a box of pizza out of the oven. box is on fire. he reaches into the box grabs the pizza and says "woof that was close. I almost lost the whole thing." Proceeds to pull the whole pizza out of the box and eat it

      Im like how long has that been in there. since monday night … ITS FRIDAY!!!!! That hasnt been refridgerated or anything

      Hes like babe, im fine. I literally grew up doing this

    5. Too bad he's a Republican or I'd fall in love with him myself :)

      In my experience, food left out is fine until it looks or smells bad, so save me a slice please.

  5. The Jackson Pollack page is very cool! Was a fan of Pollock until I went to art school. Then I learned he was an alcoholic who liked to beat and abuse women. That is when I classified him as trash, same with Picasso. Never liked Piccaso anyway. The page was fun to mess with though!

  6. I'm opposed to beating women, and sort of a dim bulb when it comes to modern art like Pollack. If I could do it just as well, I don't respect it.


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