Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Bras

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♦ Memo to all employees, from Human Resources: “There will be an all-company meeting on September 27 at 3PM via Zoom, to answer all your questions about Brazos Choice and the TALC program.”

Memo from me, to Human Resources: “Cordially, I don't speak HR Jargon. What is Brazos Choice? What is the TALC program?”

"Come to the meeting and find out."


Feds say that grocery chains broke the law by banning BLM buttons at work.

Is this good news? I don't think so. Wearing political buttons and t-shirts has been against the rules everywhere I’ve worked, and it’s a rule that makes sense. You sacrifice that small sliver of free speech while you're in the workplace.

If I can wear my black lives matter pin to work, then my co-worker can wear “blue lives matter.” I'd rather have no pins allowed at work, than spend eight hours every day next to someone who’s wearing stupid, hateful slogans.

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Bras

♦ I was chatting by text with my brother Clay, an amiable conversation about whatever, when he mentioned that he and his wife had parked their car outside a theater, and were going inside to see a film.

I’m a movie buff and he knows it, so of course my response was: “What are you seeing?”

He replied with a link and a one-paragraph blurb for Show Me the Father. Never heard of it, but from the title and thumbnail image of the poster, I knew what it was. Clicked the link for confirmation, and yup: 

From the creators of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER, and COURAGEOUS comes their highly anticipated first documentary: Kendrick Brothers' SHOW ME THE FATHER. Interwoven, real-life stories provide an inspiring, hope-filled reminder of the importance of fathers in families and society.

Does society need a "reminder" of the importance of fathers? Has America forgotten Dad?

The website brags that Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, is in the film. Focus on the Family is an anti-gay hate group, part of America's interlocking complex of right-wing fearmongering that masquerades as Christianity. 

A documentary about fatherhood, made by people who consider Focus on the Family an authority on the topic?

Wild guess — the movie will have lots of Bible quotes (Old Testament mostly), explaining that a father should keep his wife subservient, drag the brood to church every Sunday, discipline the kids aggressively, put filters on the family internet, never let Junior learn sex ed or evolution or critical race theory at school, and disown his daughter if she ever goes lesbo or lefty.

Show Me the Father is certain to be well-made propaganda, with smiling faces and hugs and only occasional snippets of horror, brought to you by relentlessly regressive people whose mission is to make America worse again. Focus on the Family, my unwiped ass.

To my brother I replied only, “Well, I hope y'all have a nice time at the movie.”

♦ A similar insanity: An utterly sincere letter to those left behind after The Rapture.  

Florida’s death rate from COVID right now is about 2½ times what it was at the worst of the first COVID wave, last summer, or the second wave, early this year. It’s a virus that can mutate at any time, but only if you have it, and a lot of Floridians have it. One of those mutations could make a new and deadlier COVID that kills more ferociously than anything we’ve seen, but they’re still not going to get vaccinated.

Remember when we were constantly told that the Russkies were going to attack America one day? If those Cold War fears ever came true, the Russians should use a biological agent against us. We now know, even if there’s an easy way to prevent the infection, millions and millions of Americans are so stupid they’ll refuse it. 

Seinfeld was pretty good, and I love old movies. I’ve seen every movie in this mash-up, and all these scenes from Seinfeld, but until now I'd only recognized a few as the movie homage/riffs they were.

♦ Here’s a tally of substances Dock Ellis took in the 36 hours leading up to his extraordinary drug-fueled no-hitter:

• 2-6 doses of ‘Purple Haze’ LSD, most pills were snorted, others orally administered
• 5-8 ‘White Cross’ beanies, or Benzedrine (amphetamine sulfate)
• 8-18 greenies, or Dexamyl (dextroamphetamine sulfate and sodium amobarbital)
• Undisclosed amount of cocaine and alcohol

Of course, nobody should ever mention Dock Ellis's no-hitter without referencing this fine documentary on the subject.

♦ There are half a dozen publications I used to read that still exist, but in name only. Luke Winkie argues that they should all be allowed to die. It took a few paragraphs for me to get into Luke’s rant, but it’s pretty good once it gets going.  

♦ I wouldn’t say it’s “amazing,” but the story of Eddie Munster’s custom chain-link bike from The Munsters is mildly amusing.

♦  Mystery links  — Like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:


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  1. From the creators of WAR ROOM, OVERCOMER, and COURAGEOUS ...

    You had me right there and OVERCOMER sounds like porn.

    1. They're bragging about movies that simply don't exist outside the right-wing whackospere.


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