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This will be uninteresting, but if that could stop me this website wouldn't exist:

To avoid having to wait on hold, I opened a “Resolution Ticket” online with a company that’s not a bank but pretends to be one. They promised a response within two working days, but there was nada after a week, so I sighed and called their toll-free number.

Which connected me to voice mail, of course. To proceed, I simply needed to input a 12-digit number I don’t have, because this not-a-bank has never sent the documents they were supposed to send, which might have included a 12-digit number. Lacking this passport, I was placed on hold, and repeatedly told that “your call is important to us,” but “we’re experiencing an usually heavy volume of calls,” two demonstrably false statements.

The voice then said something less common: “You’ve been randomly selected to provide valuable feedback after this call.” Oh, I love providing valuable feedback! I've got valuable feedback coming out the blowhole, and all I’d need to do is remain on the line when my call was finished. Understood.

My call was finished an hour later, after several minutes with one person, another long wait on hold with very peppy music, a long and frustrating conversation with someone who spoke English as a second or third language, and a few more minutes on hold. At the end, though, she promised that she’d solved my problem, and that the documents promised six months ago would finally be sent, or as she claimed, “sent again.”

I said thanks, she clicked off, and then I remained on the line, as instructed, to provide my valuable feedback.

After a brief silence and a click, an automated voice said, “Thank you for providing your valued feedback.” Then came another click, and then the dial tone.

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Every day, unless it’s raining or snowing, I take a walk around the neighborhood. It’s the same neighborhood, the same sidewalks, past the same houses, crossing the same streets, as when Stephanie and I walked together.

In early years she walked beside me, in later years I pushed her wheelchair, and in the years since she’s left I’ve always felt that she was walking beside me, or rolling in front of me, on all our daily walks.

Hey, love! It’s sunny and 70° outside. Would you like to go for a walk with me?

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Kim Kardashian hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend, and I am vaguely aware who she is. She starred in a sex tape I’ve never seen, and has parlayed that into great fame as a … celebrity. A quick Google revealed nothing else noteworthy.

There are also several lesser Kardashians, who are famous for being sisters of this one. The family is somehow related to Caitlyn (nee Bruce) Jenner, and Kim K is or was married to rapper Kanye West.

Absolutely I’m an old fuddy-duddy, but there’s more to it that that. I’m immune to Mr West's appeal, or that of Justin Bieber, or Mel TormΓ©, for that matter, but why those folks are famous is not a mystery. Ms Kardashinan, though, makes less sense to me than QAnon, and I suspect that her fame is a depoliticized symptom of the same disease — worldwide brain death.

If I'm mistaken, argue with me.

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I’ll decline to state how I stumbled across “Buried Treasure,” an almost 100-year-old silent cartoon about a man and his busy penis, but I enjoyed it and you might, too. It's short, about six minutes.

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The NSA and CIA use ad blockers, because online advertising is so dangerous.

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Two disheveled alcoholics shuffled in, and one proceeded to order, “One cheeseburger, dropped on the floor”. 

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Twenty famous people who drank or smoked themselves to death, but none who died from too much pot.

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The second photo of the first 'Human Fly' makes me want to fasten a seat belt on my recliner.

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The Wayback Machine presents: The Way Forward Machine

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  1. I loved "Buried Treasure" and found the uninteresting story interesting. I hope you're not a Nietzsche fan. That quote is harsh!

    1. My knowledge of Nietzsche comes exclusively from The Big Lebowski. I'm just a fan of good quotes.


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