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Dean knocked on my door, then knocked on Robert's door, inviting both of us into the kitchen to eat barbecue chicken he'd just made. (Dean and Robert are my flatmates in the shared house, if that needs re-explaining.)



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Nov. 21, 2022

We both said thanks, of course. Robert said his chicken was great; I said I'd already eaten, but took two pieces, and put them in plastic for tomorrow.

In exchange for the free BBQ, Dean charmed us with stories of working in restaurants for his whole life. He always wants to talk about it, and 2-3 times a month I let him talk to me, and being a chef is what he usually talks about.

This time he didn't mention unsalted butter, which felt like a victory, and we learned that cocaine was everywhere in the restaurant business in the 1980s. He told several other stories too, most of which were, to be honest, a little interesting, because I hadn't heard them before.

For the most part, it was a pleasant 45 minutes with my flatmates. I appreciate the thought and the kindness of Dean's BBQ, but tomorrow I'll toss the pieces I took. Dean's food handling takes my appetite away.

Dean also asked what everyone's doing for Thanksgiving. I think he was about to offer a blowout meal for the three of us, but I'm eating with family, and so's Robert.

Not until banging this out an hour later did I notice, nobody asked Dean what he's doing for Thanksgiving, and he didn't tell.

I've never heard him mention family, except an ex-wife who despises him. I don't think he has anywhere to go, anyone to eat a meal with for Thanksgiving. 

If I was Mr Nice Guy, I'd invite a lonely soul to join me and my family for the feast — all-you-can-eat at a shitty buffet. If Robert wasn't doing anything, I'd probably invite him, but this is not a Hallmark movie, and there's no way I'd invite Dean.

He makes me ill-at-ease with his eternal talking. Hours of Dean talking to me and everyone in my family about his career in restaurants? Sorry, but nope. I'll wish him a happy holiday, but not with me.

Every redesign at IMDB makes the facts I'm looking for harder to find.

Oh look, they've done it again.

And now, the news you need,
whether you know it or not

Hidden audits reveal millions in overcharges by Medicare Advantage plans 

Evening news, Sunday morning shows ignore largest academic strike in US history 

Anti-woke banking startup cancels itself 

Behind the lawsuit against celebs who shilled FTX before its spectacular meltdown 

The big takeaway from COP27?
These climate conferences just aren’t working.

And it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops...

Ex-detective in Kansas helped men run sex trafficking operation, US says 

And it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops...

Judge fines Trump Muppet Josh Hawley for violating public records laws to protect his Senate run 

And it never stops, never stops...

Links I liked

Do's and Don'ts of the Hays Code 

How close are we to nuclear war? 

How the great online toaster hoax was exposed 

Biden's decision to grant Saudi crown prince immunity is a profound mistake 



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"Like life itself, there's no
knowing where you're going"




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• "Star Trek II" by James Horner 

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Staughton Lynd 

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