Doughballs and Sundance

There are two refrigerators in the kitchen at the shared house, one shared by me and Dean, the other shared by Robert and L.



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Dec. 6, 2022

Their fridge had been making some weird noises, so the landlord brought in a new (used) refrigerator to replace it. He made a lot of ruckus moving it in, and now there are three refrigerators in the kitchen. Yeah, the landlord didn't take the old, bad fridge away; it's just in a different corner of the kitchen, which is getting crowded with refrigerators.

Walking through the kitchen a few hours after the installation, I opened the new fridge, and it was empty. The landlord hadn't told anyone to move their food from the old fridge?

I checked, and the old fridge was unplugged. Opened the door of the old fridge, and not only was it full of food, it was overstuffed with food, and as the door swung open a storage container tumbled out, hit the floor, popped its lid, and dumped seventeen fist-size doughballs onto the kitchen floor.

I'm calling them doughballs because I don't know what they were; but there were corn kernels poking out and paprika on the dough, and probably meat in the middle.

Well, crap. It's not my fridge so that was the first time I'd ever opened it. Curiosity killed the doughballs. 

What's the right thing to do, when you've accidentally dumped a flatmate's food onto the kitchen floor? I picked up each of the doughballs, put them back in the container they'd jumped out of, then crammed the container back in and closed the fridge door.

The kitchen floor was reasonably clean, I think, but I've never seen anyone sweep it, until me, after the doughballs incident. Never ever seen anyone mop the floor, but whoever eats those doughballs will probably survive.

I did knock on Robert's door, to tell him he needed to empty his unplugged refrigerator. That makes me a good flatmate, right?

Here's the news you need,
whether you know it or not

Chevron edits its logo onto an AIDS quilt 

Here's an archived link, for when the bastards at Chevron delete the tweet.

Law enforcement is extracting tons of data from vehicle infotainment systems 

MSN fired its journalists and replaced them with AI that publishes fake news about mermaids and bigfoot

Puerto Rican cities sue fossil fuel companies in major class-action, climate fraud case

Hertz to pay $168 million for falsely reporting stolen vehicles causing customers to be imprisoned 

Guerrilla toilets flourish at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge 

Lyft drivers spread Gospel with ministries 

AMC closes a mediocre Madison theater 

This isn't the most important news, but I take my movies seriously and it still pisses me off, so I'll tell you a story.It'll bore you, but I gotta say it.

Once, there was a charming old two-plex at one corner of Madison's Hilldale Mall, called (guess what?) the Hilldale Theater. Nice place. Saw some movies there. Nothing particularly good, but The Departed, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and a few other OK flicks.

Then Robert Redford decided he wanted to own some movie theaters, so he launched his Sundance chain, and Madison landed one, at the Hilldale Mall. The Hilldale Theater was torn down, and when Redford said his new theater would be mostly an art house, Madison's only other art-house multiplex closed too, the same weekend the Sundance opened.

I was saddened to see those two theaters die, but then Sundance usually ran just one 'arty' movie per week, with all the other screens showing Marvel movies and other crap.

And the Sundance itself — with Redford in charge, eccentric millionaire and all, I'd hoped for some slight architectural flourish, but like the movies they showed, it was nothing special. It had the same ads before the movies, same muddled sound, same sticky carpet, same "collection of shoeboxes" modern multiplex vibe. The only thing unusual about the Sundance was thousands of dried twigs (yes, seriously) permanently 'decorating' the hallways between the bland auditoriums.

After a few years, Redford got tired of the movie exhibition business, and I don't think there are any Sundance Cinemas left. He sold the Madison Sundance to AMC, and the one screen that had sometimes been dedicated to good movies instead showed more superheroes.

Now AMC has locked the doors, and even if I still lived in Madison, I wouldn't be saddened.

Egyptian pyramids could be lost to climate change 

And it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, because climate change isn't 'coming', it's underway. It'll kill billions, and we're not doing squat about it.

Former Oklahoma supervisory correctional officer sentenced for promoting white supremacist assault on black inmates and ordering other abuse 

And it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, because all cops are bastards, or they know who the bastard cops are and do nothing about it, which is the same thing.

An anti-abortion activist's quest to end the rape exception 

And it never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, never stops, because Republicans are the enemy of common sense, common decency, simple truth, and democracy.

Links I liked

Open-source hospital price list 

Jack Kirby and the 'S' on Superman's chest 

Scientist proposes growing a forest inside a bubble on Mars 

On this day in literary history, Anthony Trollope died of the giggles. (For real.) 

Remembering when 100,000 U.S. workers simply stopped working 

Democratic fundraising spam is turning off Democratic voters 

Why did this celebrated surrealist talent get cancelled?

Geese hate you 

Gate Tower Building 

Mystery links
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knowing where you're going




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