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Seattle's main bus operation is Metro Transit, and some of Metro's service has been suspended for months. It's due to a shortage of drivers, they say, but that's bullshit. It's due to a shortage of competence.



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Feb. 25, 2023
Readers who memorize my drivel might remember that last summer I was briefly a bus driver, steering short buses for the county's disabled-access system (which is a different outfit from Metro). That job offered more politics and general inanity than I wanted to put up with, so I quit.

But I liked the part of the job where I was driving the bus, so I applied to drive full-size buses for Metro. A month and a half later, they sent a psychological profile test, which I answered mostly honestly.

Then in mid-January, four months after I'd applied, Metro sent an email telling me I'd somehow passed the psych eval, and that they'd be in touch shortly to schedule an interview.

"Shortly" is five weeks later, yesterday, when their next email came. I'm supposed to sign up for an interview slot, but the earliest interview appointment is March 21, almost another month from now.

No, thanks. I've got a job, and life is too short and I'm too cranky to work for people who need half a year to even book a job interview.

The refrigerator stopped refrigerating on Tuesday. My flatmate Dean noticed it, called the landlord at 8:00 in the morning, and by 10:00 the following morning the fridge was running again.

The freezer had stayed noticeably cold, but not cold enough — all my sugar-free popsicles and frozen vegetables were thawed. The fridge was room temperature.

Surprisingly, nothing got thrown away. My factory-bagged but 70° salads were crispy when re-chilled, my almond milk still tastes OK, and my Buddig ham had done some serious sweating but it's fine too. Even the popsicles re-froze nicely, becoming yummy squeeze treats with sticks at the bottom.

My wardrobe had dwindled to not much more than t-shirts and sweatpants, so for my new job I bought some office-appropriate 'business casual' shirts from Jerzees, which is almost certainly Just Another Evil Conglomerate.

The shirts look OK and were reasonably priced, but mostly I'm delighted that I didn't have to fill up a trash can.

There were no pins or plastic clips, no tape, no ugly sticker to be peeled off the fabric and leave a residue, no piece of stiff cardboard, and there was no flyer telling me how great the company is. The simply sent the shirts, with nothing to throw away except the minimal mail wrapping.

Not such a rave review for America's Best, the chain operation that made my new glasses. They're bifocals, giving me a sharp view in the distance and up close, but things get blurry at a few feet, between near and far. Which I guess is to be expected, but you know what else is expected? 

How's about a phone call or text message when the glasses are ready? They never called or texted, only put my glasses in a drawer and waited until I called to ask when they'd be ready.

News you need,
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Norfolk Southern policy lets officials order crews to ignore safety alerts 

Biden DOJ backing Norfolk Southern's bid to block lawsuits 

"Urban renewal" 2023 — "blighted" (black) neighborhood in Louisiana soon to be a freeway 

Cleveland Plain Dealer drops Dilbert after cartoonist Adams's racist rant 

Mozilla gets past Google's new rules limiting ad-blockers 

Google responds to Canadian proposal to require it pay for news by blocking news 

Twitter's death spiral leads to Politwoops' demise 

Judge orders Starbucks to stop firing union supporters after case in Ann Arbor 

Climate change, rampant urbanization fuel Brazil storm disasters 

Parts of US see earliest spring conditions on record: "Climate change playing out in real time" 

American climate migration has already begun 

Shortage of fruit and vegetables "a wake-up call" on impact of climate change 

Climate change is affecting agave crops, tequila 

Deaths in custody are a crisis, but data on them is a black hole, a new report says 

Cop who coerced informants into sexual favors won't face charges 

Jail guards charged with throwing scalding water on inmates 

About 90% of drivers searched or arrested by the NYPD in 2022 were Black or Latino 

Mississippi police officer who shot a black 15-year-old in the head won’t face criminal charges 

Cop gets six months for brutal hail beating 

Death of unarmed North Carolina man under police restraint ruled a homicide; police would not release body camera footage to assist with autopsy 

Police officer sentenced to 25 years for sexual exploitation of children

All U.S. extremist mass killings in 2022 linked to far right, report says 

Republicans unveil bill to make AR-15-style rifle the "national gun" 

"Incredibly damning" Fox News documents stun some legal experts 

Pillow guy says he's suing Speaker Kevin McCarthy for giving Fox the J6 footage (and not him) 

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Police car stops alienate communities and lead to violent deaths like Tyre Nichols's 

How black students got a quality education in the Jim Crow South 

Who benefits most from "He Gets Us" Super Bowl ad? 

While ex-elected officials invest in cannabis, I remain in prison for selling it. 

How to offer help when you don’t know what to say 

Siskel thought Taxi Driver was too violent, but Ebert loved it 

The Onion's exclusive interview with J.K. Rowling 

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Desiderata — Les Crane 

It's a Heartache — Bonnie Tyler 

On a Mission — Squid Physics 

You Ain't Been Doing Nothing If You Ain't Been Called A Red — Risky Biscuit 

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