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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

In a dream, I was walking to the bus stop and happened to see my grandmother on the sidewalk. It was very surprising to see her, because she's been dead more than 35 years.

She didn't recognize me, because I was lots younger the last time she'd seen me, lots thinner, skinnier, and my beard was brown instead of gray. Plus, of course, she'd had Alzheimer's.

"Excuse me, but you're my grandmother," I said to this woman who was, through the passage of years, about my age.

"Impossible, mister," she said, understandably skeptical.

"Are you Susan Holland?"

"Yes," she said, and recognition flashed across her face. "Are you — Doug?"

"Yeah, and it's marvelous to see you!" We hugged for a long time that seemed too brief, right there on Union Street, and she looked me in the face and asked, "How did you get so… old?" 

And I asked her, "How did you get so… not dead?"

Then I woke up quite unsettled, typed the dream, and now I'm going to have a difficult time getting back to sleep.

For the past several decades, sleep has been difficult for me, and now that I'm working again it's been hard getting back into a daily schedule or work and sleep. Always at night I want to stay awake another hour, maybe two, but if I do I'll be asleep at my desk the next day.

Naps on the bus are a big help, but three mornings a week I get a bus driver on the #99 who makes chipper announcements over the public address, saying things the passengers already know, like, "Metro's new spring schedules are now in effect, please take a copy from the rack up front as you deboard."

Then she'll contradict herself a few blocks later, telling everyone to "Please exit by the rear doors," so how are they gonna get those precious new schedules, huh? They're only up front!

And then a few blocks later, "After we reach downtown, this #99 does not continue on as a northbound #22." Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, but it's listed in the schedule you want us to pick up and then tell us not to.

"Thank you for riding Metro," she'll announce a few times, to make sure no passengers can nap.

Driving would be quicker, of course, but I don't like the hassle and expense of cars, and you can't sleep while you're driving. Or at least, it's not advised.

And anyway, my car's making a godawful racket when it runs, again.

I asked for a refill on my prescription sleeping pills, and the doctor said no, not without a new appointment.

Bad doctoring, doc. I've been an insomniac for fifty years, and the 2-3 nights a week I take pills are the only good night's sleep I ever get. Four different doctors have prescribed them for me, and nobody's ever asked for an appointment just to talk about it.

Anyway, I don't have health insurance yet, so an appointment would cost $195, not including the pills.

Prescriptions are such a racket.

On the left, you'll see two boxes of Popsicles™.

The top box is sugar-free, and each treat has just 15 calories. I have one whenever I'm craving something sweet, which is often.

The bottom box is loaded with sugar, 40 calories per treat. The difference adds up quickly, if you eat half a dozen Popsicles in one sitting, and I do.

The boxes look so alike that I've sometimes bought the wrong box. It used to piss me off, but now my groceries are delivered, and the store reliably gets it wrong, too, almost every time.

When it was my mistake, I ate it, literally. When it's their mistake, I complain, and the store not only refunds my money, but gives me an extra five dollars in credit against my next order.

They've been bringing the wrong Popsicles a lot lately. It makes grocery delivery affordable, and my flatmate Robert gets a box or two of free sugary Popsicles, so everyone's happy except Fred Meyer

News you need,
whether you know it or not

Largest strike in decades brings Germany to a standstill 

The "shameful" end of The Texas Observer 

Nebraska State Senator reaffirms her vow to filibuster all legislation if an anti-trans bill passes 

People who caused traffic nightmare at pretty tree festival complain of traffic nightmare at pretty tree festival 

After police killings, families are kept in the dark and grilled for information 

Cop gets one year + one day for seven felonies 

Deputies accused of shoving guns in mouths of 2 Black men 

Cop gets 12 years in prison for 14 years of repeated child rapes 

Philly sheriff's deputy sold guns illegally, including 2 used in high school killing, feds say 

Third guard gets 6 years for beating inmate to death 

An LAPD SWAT raid wrecked this man's print shop. He can't get compensation. 

Cop gets 18 months for off-duty 105mph wreck that killed two 

NJ Attorney General's office taking over Paterson Police Dept. following shooting death 

"Light him up": Police repeatedly use Taser on homeless man in Gresham 

How did a police chase in Mississippi end with an innocent woman shot in her bedroom? 

Legislation would allow Texans to sue trans or nonbinary people for simply existing in public 

Marjorie Taylor Greene led delegation to visit Capitol attack defendants in jail 

Ohio higher-ed bill would require instructors to teach "both sides" on climate change 

Activist group led by wife of Supreme Court Justice received nearly $600,000 in anonymous donations 

Mississippi's choice to forgo Medicaid funds is killing hospitals 

Florida, abortion refuge in US south, poised to pass six-week ban 

Republican Congressman bewildered that TikTok connects using WiFi 

Republican Senator calls Department of Defense an "abortion travel agency" 

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going






My browser history
without the porn

Let the banks burn. 

What if the people owned the banks? The case for public banking. 

After a 1935 tragedy, a priest vowed to teach kids about menstruation 

What the rest of the world realizes about prosecuting former presidents 

How to save America's public transit systems from a doom spiral 

Cop City coverage fails to question narratives of militarized police 

♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Anywhere I Lay My Head — Tom Waits 

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night — Dylan Thomas 

In Spite of Ourselves — John Prine with Iris Dement 

Outa-Space — Billy Preston 

Strange Magic — Electric Light Orchestra 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Eric Brown 

Jim Gordon 

Olga Kennard 

Fito Olivares 

William Wulf


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