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Monday, April 24, 2023 

Some of the wildest radicals on the left say that work is a conspiracy to keep people down; that we're spending all our time and energy at the job, and getting to the job, getting back from the job, and then recuperating from the job. And of course, that's crazy talk, but also it's true.

This weekend that's just ended, I'd hoped to get ten pages of notes from my notebook typed up and semi-ready to edit and publish over the upcoming week, but I didn't. Instead I slept most of Saturday, and had no energy in me on Sunday.

Now it's Monday, my bus to work comes in 45 minutes, and I don't have much but here it is.

President Biden or some imbecile on his staff posted on Twitter Wednesday, "I make no apologies for being the most pro-union president in American history," and I about snurfled my burfle.

I can't think of any American president who was better than ambivalent on unions, so maybe Biden is the greatest of all time, but he's nearly a zero. He's the dude who slammed the door on railroad workers striking for the right to frickin' sick leave.

That's Biden on unions. If he's said or done anything for workers' rights, it's been a whisper or a pantomime.

News you need,
whether you know it or not

Signal, WhatsApp oppose law that could force them to scan messages 

Google's rush to win in AI led to ethical lapses, employees say 

Imgur is banning porn and purging old anonymous uploads 

I've always hated Imgur for its aggressive serving of ads. Now, a new and improved reason to hate 'em.

When Republican Attorneys General embraced Jan. 6, corporate funders fled, but now of course, they're back 

Missouri trans "snitch form" down after people spammed it with the Bee Movie script

NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell to leave company after "inappropriate relationship with a woman" 

… and it would be mathematically impossible for me to care less about it.

What smacks me upside the head is, I remember other CEO's quitting over office pork, too, but can't remember any CEO ever quitting so quickly over being the lying thieving anti-worker anti-customer anti-human sacks of shit that each and all of them obviously are.

Seattle's buzziest pizza is so popular you can't order it 

So... COVID killed this guy's hostel business and he quick-pivoted, bought a 'cottage' in West Seattle, and turned it into a pizza place. Two years later he has two locations, a third opening soon, and you can't get a pizza without ordering it months in advance. At the pizzeria's website, it's revealed that the place is open four days a week, five hours daily. Order today, for pick-up on July 12. Sorry, no delivery, and no phone orders.

I literally ain't buying it. Maybe the pizza is edible, but there's bullshit in the mix somewhere. Nobody has instant success like this unless there's cocaine in the pizza dough or serious money laundering. Something else is going on here, not just pizza.

Parrots taught to video call each other become less lonely, research finds 

"Ghost forests" along U.S. coasts are a haunting indicator of climate change 

Panamanian tribe to be relocated from coastal island due to climate change: "There's no other option" 

Climate change adds to the cost of home insurance 

Louisville cop fired for killing Breonna Taylor is hired as deputy in nearby Carroll County 

Bijan Ghaisar’s family reaches $5M settlement in 2017 US Park Police shooting 

Philadelphia homicide victim says a detective sexually assaulted her in her car 

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going 


My browser history
without the porn 

Spoiled: The Myth of Milk as Superfood 

Exploding mosquitoes 

Do you ever think about the fact that no one will remember you in 100, 200, maybe 300 years after your death? 

Coffee at The Door 

Converting offices into apartments 

Star Trek: The God Thing 

♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Don't Let Me Get Me — P!nk 

Going Up the Country — Canned Heat 

Jungle — Cat Empire 

People Get Ready — Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions 

Sunshine Superman — Donovan 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Jessica Burstein 

Barry Humphries 

Judith Miller 

Freddie Scappaticci 

Blair Tindall


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  1. >I remember other CEO's quitting over office pork, too, but can't remember any CEO ever quitting so quickly over being the lying thieving anti-worker anti-customer anti-human sacks of shit that each and all of them obviously are.

    You and I both know that these are the people that our corporate rulers want in charge. There is literally not one higher goal than to wring every last penny from every last human, at any expense.

    1. You speak truth to the power that, of course, isn't listening.

  2. I've never seen Pink's name rendered like that, but maybe she could sing more creatively if she lost the punctuation mark.

    Still grouchy,


    1. I sure do like that one song of hers, but it's the only one I know. Her preferred spelling, I believe.

    2. I kinda like P!nk. She's no Lady Gaga, as far as modern female pop singers go - modern being ~15 years ago, I guess. She's almost a Katy Pery level of OK. Gaga has the actual voice.

    3. Stern has a pretty good track record with getting good performances. Dave Grohl, Janice Ian. Here's Lady Gaga killing it, IMO:


    4. Stern is one of the key cultural touchstones I've missed. Gaga I've got, though. She's exceeded her hype.


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