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Sunday, May 7, 2023

Even by my own standards of complaining about everything, what's next is old-man-shouting-at-the-clouds stuff, but certain clouds must be yelled at.

It's the medley of modern life, everywhere I go — six notes you know as well as I do. Someone has an incoming text message, or a voice mail, or a missed call — six notes say so.

In the office, I hear those six notes in the distance twenty times daily, and on the bus to and from work, another twenty times. Six notes, over and over, all day every day and probably on a perpetual replay in the afterlife, when messages really can't get through.

Meanwhile, could you please download a different ringtone than the annoying default?

Once in a while I crave a Whopper at Burger King, before remembering that Burger King doesn't really have Whoppers any more. They've been shrunk like a cheap t-shirt washed in hot water.

Wikipedia's history of the Whopper claims Whoppers were bigger from 1985-87, but that mismatches my memory. The Whopper was a big hamburger as recently as the 2010s. Whoppers were the biggest and arguably best fast-food burger. The name Whopper wasn't a joke.

Now it's a joke, a disappointment every time I forget and buy one. It's a Junior Whopper, literally — bigger than a basic burger, yeah, but no longer big and certainly not a "whopper."

One more cloud to shout at:

BK also sells a fish sandwich called the BK Big Fish, and dang, I used to like it. Big Fish was once an appropriate name, because it was made with the same big bun as the Whopper, but like the Whopper, it's been shrunken.

My bus home from work goes past a Burger King, so these thoughts are on my mind nightly. It's like going past an ex-girlfriend's house, though — there's nothing for me there, not any more.

You know the dream where you go to work or school like it's a normal day, but when you get there you realize you've forgotten to wear any clothes?

The closest it's come to coming true was one morning a few weeks ago when I'd showered the night before and slept in my thermal underwear — nice, warm thermal underwear that felt like pants. 

I'm never much awake until I've had a couple of caffeine pills, and I hadn't yet, so I put on shoes and a shirt and a light coat, slipped a mask onto my face and my bus pass around my neck, locked the door, stepped outside, and made it almost all the way to the bus stop before my legs felt chilly in the spring air, and I bounded home to add a pair of pants to my ensemble.

News you need,
whether you know it or not

Get a Tesla if you want to learn about AI trying to kill you, says Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak 

"Too greedy": mass walkout at global science journal over "unethical" fees 

Mercedes locks better EV engine performance behind subscription paywalls 

Google Ads promote trojanized versions of ChatGPT, Zoom, Cisco software 

Minnesota lighthouse relit for Lightfoot 

Tail of the Yak will yak no more, which is bad news. It was a cool place.

Deep-sea fish wash ashore on Oregon coast 

Insect numbers are on the decline 

Climate change powered the Mediterranean's unusual heat wave 

Fungal attacks threaten global food supply, say experts 

Being placed on the 'do not call' list for witnesses does not violate cop's rights, says notorious right-wing court 

Virginia's probe into State Police hiring of "catfish cop" ends with no report, no comment 

Tyre Nichols died of blunt force injuries to the head from his beating, autopsy shows 

Suspended sentence for cop guilty of arson, fraud & animal cruelty 

Excessive force, cover-ups: LAPD whistleblower expands "SWAT Mafia" allegations 

Republicans no longer seeking to ban individual books go after the whole library 

Scandal swirling around Clarence Thomas deepens (but will soon be forgotten) 

The rising Republican movement to defund public libraries 

Kari Lake's lawyers fined for false claims about Arizona election 

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going


My browser history
without the porn

Remembering the Golden Rule, first ship to sail against armageddon 

Baseball's last dive bar: Farewell to the crumbling Oakland Coliseum 

Who watches the philosopher kings with lifetime appointments? 

The true story that inspired Dead Ringers 

Rocky Horror's skeleton clock 

♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Don't You Forget About Me — Simple Minds 

I Am a Rock — Simon & Garfunkel 

Piano Concerto #21 — Mozart 

Trouble Every Day — Frank Zappa & the Mothers of Invention 

Who Woulda Thunk It? — Greg Brown 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Vida Blue 

Tori Bowie 

Peter Klima 

Bruce McCall 

Newton Minnow 

Megan Terry


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