The News: Tuesday, June 20, 2023

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Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Judges still cite cases in which enslaved people are property 

Workers sue secretive elite club Bohemian Grove for wage theft 

Majority of Americans would like to return to time before cell phones, internet, according to new poll 

The Washington Post is mad that debt ceiling deal didn't cut Social Security 

Power companies spend millions to fight Maine's proposed non-profit utility 

Disney, Microsoft, and the NBA have ads next to neo-Nazi propaganda on Twitter 

In case you haven’t been keeping up with the latest in Reddit drama 

Protest appears to have had a small but noticeable effect on Reddit traffic 

Well, nobody thought the place would topple.

Reddit's CEO says third-party apps add 'no value.' How he completely lost the thread. 

Waters in the tropical Atlantic Ocean are at their warmest levels on record, which could help fuel an exceptionally early seasonal hurricane… this week 

Rampant groundwater pumping has changed the tilt of Earth's axis 

Unprecedented rate of global warming – greenhouse gas emissions at "an all-time high" 

Rotting seaweed, dead fish, no sand: Climate change threatens to ruin US beaches 

Climate change is changing the way trees grow 

Republican support for Trump has increased even as he faces dozens of felony charges 

Trump demands Republican rivals pledge to pardon him … or else 

Utah city violated the First Amendment in denying a drag show permit, judge rules 

Well-funded Christian group behind US effort to roll back LGBTQ+ rights 

FBI resisted opening probe into Trump’s role in Jan. 6 for more than a year

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Days of desperation: the diary of a woman forced to flee Texas for an abortion 

Something wicked this way comes, 2023 

Classic Corner: Last Tango in Paris 

Repairing Orson Welles' The Magnificent Ambersons 

Lemmy is CEO-proof. After Digg, Reddit and Twitter, that term should be a thing. 

The way we wank: Trans and disability-friendly masturbation guide 

This guy wrote Windows Task Manager 

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Batman — Danny Elfman 

Batman — Neal Hefti 

Batman — Nelson Riddle 

Please Don't Fuck Up My World — Sparks 

You Need an Analyst — Allan Sherman 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Dick "Turkey" Hall 

Franz Leichter 

William Spriggs 

Eve Tetaz 

Teresa Taylor 

Jim Turner


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