News & Links: Sunday, July 23, 2023

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Stanford freshman's reporting brought down the school president 

Pride is back at San Diego library 

Charges dismissed against white woman who spat on black woman during protest
    "This is being spit on once again," victim says.

Manitoba premier defends decision to let murder victims rot in landfill 

Something in space has been lighting up every 22 minutes since 1988 

In-N-Out Burger doubles down on choosing "smiles" over health 

Reddit is still looking for scab moderators 

• The cop stories have moved here:


Tony Bennett saw racism and horror in World War II. It changed him 

What would happen to the climate if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today? 

Scientists are scared 

How billionaire Leland Stanford's university helped capitalism take over the world 

People are wearing deodorant like Swatches, I guess?
    People are idiots.

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A Lot More LIvin' to Do — Gordon Lightfoot 

Fixin' to Die Rag — Country Joe & The Fish 

Give Peace a Chance — Plastic Ono Band 

Moonlight Serenade — Glenn Miller 

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? — Marlene Dietrich 

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Pink Flamingos 

Shipping to Spain 

Gone jellyfishin' 

Congresscritters aren't usually so bluntly honest 

Rowing bath 

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Rail Cow Girl drives a train 

Lightning strikes Apollo 12 at liftoff 








Josephine Chaplin 

Carlin Glynn 

Mike Ivie 

Judith James 

C R Roberts 

Melvin Wulf


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  1. I get this at your lemmy link:

    response parse error: 'unexpected end of JSON input' body: .

    1. Never mind, it worked the second time

    2. One of the 'joys' of the federated web — countless underfunded servers stitched together by volunteers — is that sites go down far more frequently than the big-bucks sites. Gotta think of it as part of the charm.

  2. You know my dad died a few months ago. You probably know he was a musician - a big band Jazz musician.

    He was in a band called The Lamplighters. You can even find one (I think only one) recording of the band on YouTube by searching Lamplighters Trenton NJ. Their theme song was "Moonlight Serenade."

    My mom was with him as he died, and was literally playing that song for him as he took his last breath. No Joke.

    1. A hug again, my friend.

      Nope, I didn't know your dad was a musician. Probably you told me, and it bounced off my ears like so many things do.

      I'll never hear "Moonlight Serenade" again without thinking of you and your mom and dad. We should all be so lucky, to leave accompanied by great music and people who love us.

      I'm listening to the Lamplighters now, btw. Great stuff.

  3. Cap, my condolences on the loss of your Dad. My father died in 2009 at 92. He was, earlier in life, a semi-professional musician. He modified existing technology to develop an electronic pickup for his harmonicas during WWII and played most every Saturday night for dances. He blew harp, my Mom was a fairly good drummer, mostly using brushes; Dad had a Mormon double bass player and a drunk piano player who I had a chance to see and hear during the '50s and '60s; this guy played as well drunk as anybody I've ever heard play sober. We used to have reel to reel tapes of the dance band, but I'm afraid we waited too long to transfer the music to digital media.

    When Dad was breathing his last breath in the independent living section of a senior facility, my wife was holding his hand and I was playing one of his favorite songs, Tennessee Waltz on a blues harp. At the end of the song, my wife said, "He's gone".

    My small family all thought they were comedians (including me) -- my sister said I likely hastened the end for Dad by my inept rendition of the Tennessee Waltz. Come to think of it, he did have a smile on his face. I was blessed with bright, funny, kind parents and a wisegirl sister, with whom I remain close. I'm typing this from her house.

    Again, condolences on the loss of your Dad. They don't quite make 'em like that anymore.



    1. Belated sorries about your pop.

      I have no friends in the real world, mostly by choice, but some damn good and very *real* friends hang out with me here. Thanks for being one of them, John.

      And the rest of you know who you are, so don't make me get all sentimental all night.


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