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H&R Block and other tax-prep firms shared "extraordinarily sensitive" data about taxpayers with Meta, lawmakers say
    End the entire racket, already. There's no reason tax can't be calculated by IRS computers, without forcing individual Americans to spend an afternoon battling forms or software or turning to these tax-prep firms that only exist because the system is intentionally over-complicated.

"With prejudice": Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking justice for last survivors of Tulsa massacre
    Clever and accurate headlining, from Salon.

Lawyers with Supreme Court business paid Clarence Thomas aide via Venmo
    It's difficult keeping up with the Supreme Court's ethical lapses, but we all know what'll come from it is bupkis. Like the rich are above the law, the Supreme Court is above ethics.

Protesters build barricade blocking access to city dump where the bodies might be buried
    In Winnipeg, a serial killer is in custody, and the bodies of his several victims are believed to be in one or both of the city's two landfills. The authorities aren't willing to conduct searches there, so protesters have barricaded the road leading to one of the landfills, demanding a search for the bodies.
    "There are still women in there," says one of the protesters at the blockaded dump. "Would you [abandon the barricades] if your sister or your daughter was in there?"
    Cops usually investigate murders, so what's with the refusal — since late last year, fer cripessake — to search the city dumps? Doubtless the landfills are big and stinky, dangerous places to go rooting around, and maybe the odds are against finding the bodies, but since when don't crime scenes get searched?
    Either someone in authority already knows what would be found, or it's because the victims are all natives, and thus not worth the expense and bother of giving a damn when they're murdered.

Iowa Republicans pass six-week abortion ban
    I've read that, on average, a woman might begin to suspect she's pregnant after about 5 1/2 weeks, so if she doesn't think it over, doesn't reach out for friends' advice, and doesn't put off thinking about it (like I do about every ache and unwanted invitation) all she'd need to do is get an appointment at a clinic within two days.

Titan submarine victims realized they were about to die a minute before vessel 'popped like balloon'
    No comment.

Plastic pollution on coral reefs gets worse the deeper you go, study finds 

World's oceans changing color due to climate breakdown, study suggests 

Psychology Today: The grim forecast for ecologically impacted dreaming 

Gas stations caused a $20 billion toxic mess — and it's not going away 

It took more than a year for a cop to be docked one day's pay and re-assigned, after arguing and peeing in public when a bar said 'No more beer, you're obviously drunk' 

In Seattle cops' break room: Trump 2020 flag, and a mock gravestone for Black teen shot dead by police 

Denver suburb that loaned cops for 2020 police riots demands no liability for its police misconduct 

Cops' mental health peer-counseling program is suspended, because not enough not-under-investigation cops remain to staff it

 • Police chief is suspended with pay during investigation nobody will talk about
    No, this isn't the same police chief as two days ago. It's only the same headline, and same turn of events.

Former homicide detective who criticized Memphis cops over Tyre Nichols killing is found dead in his front yard 

Portland officer sure is sorry for hitting photographer during 2020 police riots
    "I'm sorry, Ms Jacobs, for unnecessarily hitting you in the head with my baton." (actual quote)

Cop arrested under suspicion of beating his infant son 

DC police officer guilty of sexually abusing underage girl for two years 

Army veteran paralyzed in police beating wins $20m settlement from Yuba City 

Cop suspended with pay after arrest for child porn 

In Houston, it's illegal to feed the homeless 

Idaho sued over law making it a crime to help minors get abortions without parental consent
    Sue 'em again, harder this time.

Trump says Hunter Biden should've gotten the death penalty for not paying his taxes on time 

Republican Congressman compares himself to civil rights hero Rosa Parks because he refused to sit in the back of Congress 


With the Supreme Court's bogus ruling against Affirmative Action, colleges may have to cut Black enrollment to avoid lawsuits questioning their compliance with the decision 

The New York draft riots of 1863 

America's push for the atomic bomb spawned enduring radioactive waste problems in St Louis 

Can you walk a mile in Mark Bryan's skirt? 

Nick Offerman is high on nature 

Phyllis Diller crashed all-male roast at the Friar's Club dressed as a man

"Either everyone at Trader Joe's wants to fuck me, or everyone at Trader Joe's is fucking each other, but something sexual is definitely going on there" 

The Washington Post has demoted political cartoons 

♫♬  AUDIO  ♫

Brazil — Michael Kamen 

I'm Coming Home — Linda November 

Mississippi Goddamn — Nina Simone 

Seasons in the Sun — Terry Jacks 

They Ain't Making Jews Like Jesus Anymore — Kinky Friedman 

👁  VIDEO  👁

Dominatrix spanks schoolgirl, hard 

I'm Not on Drugs, by Fidlar 

Sketchpad — the beginning of computer graphics 
    This is a fascinating walk back in history.





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  1. Thanks for the Kinky Friedman in your audio section today. Kinky wrote that song almost 50 years ago before he joined Bob Dylan's touring band and has slightly modified the lyrics along the way, but, of course, it's a celebration of the nation of Israel. Here's one "official" set of lyrics:

    Well, a redneck nerd in a bowling shirt was a-guzzlin' lone star beer
    Talking religion and-uh politics for all the world to hear.
    They oughta send you back to russia, boy, or new york city one
    You just want to doodle a christian girl and you killed god's only son.

    I said, has it occurred to you, you nerd, that that's not very nice,
    We jews believe it was santa claus that killed jesus christ.
    You know, you don't look jewish, he said, near as I could figger
    I had you lamped for a slightly anemic, well-dressed country nigger.

    No, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
    They don't turn the other cheek the way they done before.
    He started in to shoutin' and a-spittin' on the floor,
    Lord, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore.

    He says, I ain't a racist but aristitle onassis is one greek we don't need
    And them niggers, jews and sigma nus, all they ever do is breed.
    And wops n micks n slopes n spics n spooks are on my list
    And there's one little hebe from the heart of texas is there anyone I missed ?

    Well, I hits him with everything I had right square between the eyes.
    I says, I'm gonna gitcha, you son of a bitch ya, for spoutin' that pack of lies.
    If there's one thing I can't abide, it's an ethnocentric racist;
    Now you take back that thing you said bout aristitle onassis.

    No, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
    We don't turn the other cheek the way we done before.
    You could hear that honky holler as he hit that hardwood floor
    Lord, they sho' ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore!

    No, we ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore,
    We don't turn the other cheek the way they done before.
    Well, the whole damn place was singin' as I strolled right out the door
    Lord, they ain't makin' jews like jesus anymore!


    1. It's a brilliant song. Wish he'd rewrite some of the lyrics, though. Prolly nobody under the age of 50 knows who Aristotle Onassis was.

    2. Maybe they should look it up. Perhaps they have an old encyclopedia around the house. Of course, Kinky felt compelled to misspell and mispronounce Mr O's first name, so it would have to be a forgiving encyclopedia.


  2. I have little expertise in music or musical instruments, but there was a time when lead and rhythm guitars had six strings and bass guitars had four strings. As bass guitars became more important in rock 'n' roll and rock music, people like Randall Wyn Fullmer discovered that a 5-string bass offered a more varied bass sound, a quicker attack, and a more tuneful bottom end. Those of us who celebrate rock and jazz celebrate the life of Mr Fullmer and other luthiers who evolved the concept of the bass guitar.


    1. I'd never even heard of the guy until reading his obit. What a life, man. Made his fortune, then said fuck you to the mouse and made music instead.

  3. I love your no comment.

    1. I'm not as crazy about your no comment, so I'm not going to comment on it.


    2. Now I'm not particularly happy with my no comment.



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