News & Links: Monday, August 14, 2023

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US inflation means families are spending $709 more per month than two years ago
    I don't remember prices ever rising so steadily, for everything. It is paranoid of me to envision conversations planning this, a conspiracy amongst corporations?

Vox's student loan 'expert' is paid by debt collectors
    Huh. I'd thought of Vox as being a reasonably reliable site, but handing a page over to a shill and not even telling readers he's a shill... Jeez, even Fox News identifies the shills with a chyron.

Kids win climate lawsuit in Montana; state's rule against acknowledging climate change deemed unconstitutional 

"Stressed beyond her limits": co-owner of small-town Kansas newspaper dies after police raid 

The Montgomery boat brawl and what it really means to "try that in a small town" 

Muslim imam in Seattle sues over mysterious FBI watchlist 

Drought causes 154-ship traffic jam at the Panama Canal 

An author says unauthorized AI-written books are being sold under her name on Amazon 

Illinois Gov signs legislation allowing lawsuits against firearm retailers or manufacturers

Scientists just discovered a 'strawberry-like' antarctic invertebrate with 20 arms 

Republican Congressman files articles of impeachment against Biden
    "The evidence continues to mount by the day," Steube said without providing details about the evidence he was citing.

Newest "anti-woke" tantrum: Right-wingers don't think kids of different races can be friends 

After FBI kills a man who issued numerous death threats, far-right figures claim the Biden administration is coming to kill conservatives 

Republican assholes gotta be assholes, wherever they are, whatever they do 

Trump praises "terrific" white supremacist conspiracy theorist 

All cops continue being bastards 


"Antifa saved their lives": report from clergy at Charlottesville
    "The neo-Nazis just kept coming in groups over and over. We were far outnumbered, but I watched countless antifa youth risk their lives, one by one, to fight back."

If Fox News had a DNA test, it would trace its origins to the Nixon administration 

The Satanic Panic never really ended 

The short list of climate actions that will work 

The Elite's war on remote work has nothing to do with productivity 

The world's infrastructure was built for a climate that no longer exists 

Lahaina used to be a wetland 

That time Lord Byron tried to buy a 12-year-old girl 

Russian Woodstock? 

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Foggy Mountain Breakdown — Lester Flatt & Earl Scruggs 

In Dreams — Roy Orbison 

Moonlight Serenade — Glenn Miller 

She Bop — Cyndi Lauper 

Wasted on the Way — Crosby Stills & Nash 

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Teatime for Hitchcock and the MGM lion 







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Flash Debate
    It's a rerun, I think, but still perfect.

That's a happy kid
    Sam Kerr (#20), Aussie soccer star

The Spider and the Butterfly
    Some of this, I don't even know how they pulled it off in 1909.

Streetwalking Lawyers of Aurora Avenue 


While many will dismiss this story as "local politics turned nasty," I think it's worth taking a second look 

Our son's high school prom 

Coin-op laundry 


Amos Badertscher 

Paul Brodeur 

Lelia Goldoni 

Tom Jones 

Fernando Villavicencio


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