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Saturday, November 4, 2023

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Alabama pastor/mayor kills himself after being outed for wearing drag — "unBiblical behavior"
    Bubba Copeland could've had a happy life, if his brain hadn't been contaminated by religion and Republicans telling him no, no, no.

Public transit to the rescue: Commuter boat nudges loose barge away from crowded waterfront
    This captain was making a normal afternoon run when all of a sudden...
    And despite the misleading name, Seattle's 'Water Taxi' is no taxi. It's a car-free ferry — a water-bus — and part of the county's public transit system. You can ride it with the same monthly pass that pays fares for buses and trains and the monorail. So public transit may have saved some lives! I love public transit!

Elite charter schools to recoup $1.16M in settlement with Vallejo school district
    Everything about public money to private schools is laughably unconstitutional, and yet — was the Constitution ever worth even the paper and now pixels it's printed on?

Uber, Lyft are ordered to pay $328 million for cheating drivers out of earnings
    Long it's been argued Lyft and Uber drivers are 'contractors' so the companies can skip out on taxes and benefits, but this certainly refutes that. 'Gig workers' are employees, and you can tell, because their employers are screwing them over.

Panama Canal operators to cut ship crossings as drought worsens
    Why look, it's another of the thousands of easily-predicted consequence of the growing climate catastrophe. Just wait til we get to the surprises — the consequences that weren't so obviously bearing down on all of us, but there they are.

Oh no, the golf course is being destroyed by herds of javelina 

One sleepless night can rapidly reverse depression for several days, study shows 

Die-in and rotten food at shitty architect's office 

Some lady saved a trove of 4,000 glass plate negatives that nearly went into the trash 

Amazon used an algorithm to essentially raise prices on other sites, the FTC says 

My favorite thing that's ever happened to me on the internet 

Cats make nearly 300 different facial expressions 

The world's first pocket phonograph 

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  1. I am loving this, thanks. Seen "This is not a Pipe" many times, but always with a Harpo honk-honk sound — comedy in art, cool. His explanation, though, is so brilliant I must memefy it.

  2. Alabama pastor/mayor: out 'em all, those who preach hatred against LGBTs and are actually queer (or crossdressers) themselves in private.

    1. I don't out. I in. But it's hilarious that he was outted by right-wing monsters, and my darker side hopes it was the first of a neverending series.


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