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APR. 21, 2024

A great silence is spreading over the natural world even as the sound of man is becoming deafening 

Study suggests young men who love loud cars score high on psychopathy and sadism
    This checks out with my preconception — every young man I've ever known who loved loud cars was an asshole. 

The brain fog after COVID: mental haziness, difficulty remembering things 

By a landslide, Chattanooga Volkswagen workers vote to unionize 

Climate damages by 2050 will be 6 times the cost of limiting warming to 2°
    Yeah, but the rich gotta stay rich, so fuck the planet. 

Columbia University, home to one of the nation's most respected journalism schools, blocks reporters from campus as dozens of students are arrested 

Prosecutors accidentally sent file of one cop's false convictions; they want the file back, unreleased
    This is just one retired cop, who's cost New York more than $100-million in settlements and claims. How many thousand more cops, as bad as Louis Scarcella or worse, are still being protected?
    Excerpt: Mr. Scarcella, who retired in 1999, has not been charged with any crimes despite  official findings of bad practices, and he has insisted he did nothing wrong. He gave his fullest public accounting yet in a new podcast called The Burden, in which he insisted he was simply one of many cogs in a system ratcheted up to rein in rampant crime during a time when murder rates were several times higher than they are today. 

US court rules police can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint 

Cities' efforts to hold police accountable hit a wall: the police 

Wingnut sheriffs conference calls for a citizen army to stop 'illegal immigrant' voters 

'LOL, no' is the perfect response to LAPD's nonsense ‘'IP' threat letter over 'Fuck the LAPD' shirt  

Cops claim body cam footage of wrong address raid would be 'dangerous' to release to general public  

Layoffs and upheaval as whites flex control over Texas universities 

Mississippi Governor declares 'Confederate Heritage Month'
    Nina Simone would like a word.

Trump campaign asks for cut of candidates' fundraising when they use his name and likeness  

Florida Governor signs legislation bringing "anti-communist education" to public schools, beginning in kindergarten 

Chemtrail legislation is the new normal in a severely abnormal America  

Before it collapsed, Washington Mutual's ad campaign was "the friend of the family" 

He built a fantasy world of outsider art in his apartment 

♫♬  MUSIC  ♫ 

The Bridge That Wouldn't Burn — Kinky Friedman 

Flowers on the Wall — The Statler Brothers 

Into the Mistake — Van Morrison 

Power and Glory — Phil Och 

The Wall — Pink Floyd 


Terry Anderson
reporter, hostage 

Dickey Betts
rock'n'roller, Allman Brothers Band 

Kim Christensen
reporter, Los Angeles Times 

Andrew Davis
conductor, BBC Orchestra 

Daniel Dennett
free will is a necessary illusion 

Roman Gabriel
footballer, Los Angeles Rams 

Barbara E Jones
actress, Daughters of the Dust


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