"Welcome to Netscape!"

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ᐅ  It was 1994, and I was in San Francisco’s downtown library because they had internet access. I didn’t need internet access but I’d never been on-line, and all the kids were talking about it. This was my second try — I’d been in the library a few days earlier, but couldn’t figure out how to get on-line, and couldn’t find a librarian to help me.

Being a stubborn bastard, I came back another day. Still couldn't figure it out, but a gray-haired librarian showed me which buttons to click. She looked over my shoulder until I was connected, and then she gave me my privacy, like the great librarian she was. Yippee, I was on the internet!

I’m pretty sure this was the very first page I landed on, and I’m sure surprised it’s still up and running in 2021: “Welcome to Netscape!” 

ᐅ  Pick an image, any image, and watch as it’s restructured with lines.

ᐅ  I’m a tubby fellow, watching the calories, and my new snack (and sometimes meal) of choice is microwaved frozen vegetables. 100 measly calories for the whole sack. If you sprinkle enough salt all over 'em, they’re flavorful and terrific.

I’ve been eating so many salted sacks of microwaved veggies, though, the salt intake must be unsafe, so I’ve tried a few of salt substitutes. They’re all lacking in flavor, but I’ve invented my own. It doesn’t taste like salt, but it tastes good.

The recipe is three ingredients, in equal parts:

Nu-Salt,  or its generic equivalent (it’s just potassium chloride)
Aldi’s Table Blend mixed spices
generic MSG 

I bought a shaker of each, emptied them all into a bowl and mixed it up, and then poured the mix back into the three shakers. Now there are fake-salt shakers in the kitchen, in the bedroom, and in my workspace. I’m eating some fake-salted microwaved California mix as I type this.

ᐅ If you follow sports or give a damn about the Olympics, maybe you’ve seen this a hundred times, but it’s new to me. Steven Bradbury, an Australian skater, goes from last place to a gold medal in the 2002 Olympics, with comedic play-by-play dubbed over the original.

Why do we need lawyers? Why can't the judge just ask both parties their stories and decide what to do? This would eliminate people winning or losing based on how expensive their lawyer was which is an extremely stupid system. Good question, and it's answered at Reddit in the top response.


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  1. Captain HampocketsMay 30, 2021 at 10:19 AM

    I don't remember my first internet experience specifically, but it would have been 1992, my sophomore year in college. I remember Mosaic being the school's browser, it was so slow, even on the Georgia Tech network - there was an option to disable automatic image loading, which sped things up dramatically. Porn was static images only for quite a number of years for me.

  2. Correct me if I'm as wrong as usual, but before YouTube, video on the net was rare and expensive and only for big companies. I don't remember seeing online video at all until YouTube. There were GIFs that moved and looped, but that was all.

    Netscape was the best browser of the 1990s. Mozilla Firefox is its descendant, so I used it then, and I guess I sorta still use it now.


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