Let me start by saying, "Oh, my."

The show is Quark, and the link is at the bottom of this page. It's a science fiction comedy, set on a garbage scow in space, commanded by Captain Quark. It ran on TV for, apparently, half a season in the late 1970s. My brother liked it then, loves it now, and he wanted me to watch the first episode, which has been a digitally-remastered, with "new special effects."

The show was written and created by Buck Henry, and I love Buck Henry — he wrote What's Up Doc ... The Day of the Dolphin ... Get Smart ... The Graduate ... and he wrote Quark ... but it's really not his best work.

There are no laughs, at least none from me, though the laugh track thinks it's hilarious all the way through. It's tremendously sexist, with a hermaphrodite character played for nonsensical laughs, and the only women are a four-handed switchboard operator and a set of cloned Barbie dolls.

I grimaced and barely made it through. Quark's worst sin is that it's simply not funny, but since I wasted half an hour watching it I don't know why you should be spared.

Behold: Quark awaits you.



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