Ten ideas for a better America

Ten good ideas, I think, but if I'm wrong or bonkers, please tell me why:

  1. Universal healthcare. Everyone should be able to see a doctor, dentist, or nurse, with no worries about money. Nobody should need to have a job or prove poverty before seeing a doctor. Nobody should go bankrupt because they got sick.

  2. Universal basic income for every adult, with no means testing, and no exceptions. I'd suggest $1,000 p/month, with annual increases based on inflation. A low but livable sum, so no American needs to fear homelessness or hunger, and you don't lose that money when you have a job.

  3. Public Media — Something like Voice of America, but for America. Hard-nosed, well-funded, no bullshit journalism, funded by the federal government but hands-off, with a mandate for pissing people off by telling the truth. See: BBC News in England, CBC News in Canada.

  4. New Improved Capitalism, but with vigorous anti-trust enforcement ensuring competition, with regulations not written by lobbyists, and with enforcement of those rules, and with fines, arrests, and imprisonment for illegal acts. It's capitalism that would have many more small businesses, and no huge businesses at all. You wouldn't recognize it.

  5. End outsourcing. Everything sold in America must be made in America, or if it's imported, the importer pays a tariff equal to the cost difference.

  6. Free college for anyone who's able to keep up with the curriculum.

  7. Legalize it — not just marijuana, but all recreational drugs and many prescription drugs should be available, with warnings where warnings would be wise, and with regulated safety same as food and water. For dangerous and addictive drugs, safe use rooms and counseling yes, but no arrests.

  8. Foreign policy built around helping countries that need help, doing business with countries that respect human rights, and not doing business with countries that don't.

  9. No more wars without a valid and easily understood reason, which would rule out all American wars since World War 2.

  10. No more covert assassinations and insurrections, and no more bombing people and nations we're not at war with. End the secrecy about what the US has done in the past, and stop doing it in the future. Issue formal apologies and reparations to the survivors, everywhere the CIA has committed atrocities, and arrest the people who ordered the atrocities, assassinations, and insurrections.

I have more ideas. Lots more. You probably do, too. But I want to keep this post to a reasonable length, so I'm stopping at 10 for today.



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