I hate writing.

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You know what I love about writing? Not much. I kinda hate writing. I put it off like a chore, because I’d rather watch old movies, read zines, pet the cat, clip my toenails — hell, I’d rather take out the trash than write. It’s difficult, and if I’m writing about my life it’s often painful, sad.

And the words — aw hell, the words are always shit. So I rewrite it, which is just as difficult, but maybe it becomes a little less shitty, or maybe it’s just shitty in a slightly different way. So I rewrite it again, and again, and after 6-10 rewrites and fixes and corrections, I’ll read through it and sometimes I’ll say, Hey, that’s not bad! 

That one moment is the only thing I love about writing. It’s always hours (sometimes days) of no-fun-at-all, in exchange for ten seconds of self-congratulation.

There aren’t many things that give me a just plain good feeling, and almost all of them are things I buy, or watch, or listen to. Writing is the only thing I make from scratch that I’m sorta proud if.

Sometimes, of course, I never get to say Hey, that’s not bad!  Right now, there are articles I’ve been working on for weeks, but they’re still shit. And often I simply hit ‘delete’, the cure for shit writing that can’t be salvaged.

When I can say those four wondrous words, though, it’s a terrific feeling. And then I start nagging at myself to write something else ... and I start putting it off. Hey, is there anything interesting on Prime?

♦  Bruce Lee's daughter thinks Quentin Tarantino was unfair to her father, in Tarantino's movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I haven’t seen the movie and probably won't, but I've always admired Bruce Lee, and the article reads like she has a valid complaint.

♦  Behold, an ode to the potato.

♦  Longish video: Joe Bernard, the BPS.space man, is an interesting chap. Obviously, he has big money behind him, but he's using his money for fun, not to stomp on people, so I approve. 

♦  Another longish video: Haircut Guy is more interesting to me than BPS.space man, because I never need a rocket but sometimes I do need a haircut. I love his line: "It's art, and if anyone says anything otherwise, they just don't understand art."

♦  Four Seasons Total Landscaping is now a punk rock venue.

♦  Robbers are getting better and more daring at stealing ATMs, and I'm increasingly not concerned about it.

♦  This is our old pal Mike Hagedorn, playing trombone with his Ridiculous Trio, covering the Stooges' "No Fun." The entire album-length upload is freaky fun, but I'm especially addicted to that opening number, and play it again sometimes if I'm feeling blue.

♦  Sails on cargo ships seems like a good idea.

♦  What tribe's stolen land are you living on?

♦  Courtney Love, circa 1981.

♦  Mystery links — like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:





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  1. Captain HampocketsJuly 10, 2021 at 6:44 AM

    Found on Reddit - YouTube channel of a guy playing guitar riffs, and his bird singing over them. It's fantastic.


    1. That's great, man. I didn't know a bird could have so much personality. The only bird I ever had as a pet had just one trick: dying.

  2. I'm surprised you're a Courtney Love fan. Hole?


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