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♦ A semi-friend was trying to find a movie, and I suggested checking out a DVD from the library.

She said she didn’t have a library card.

I said they’re easy to get, and explained how easy.

She said she’d never had a library card. Never. This is a woman about my age, a grandmother, and she's never had a library card. 

Different people have different priorities, understood. But also, holy crap. Since I was 5-6 years old, everywhere I’ve ever lived, I’ve had a library card, and used it, often. For me, the necessities of modern life are electricity, running water, food, a roof over my head, and a library card.

♦ It isn’t often that I read something in the news with a smile on my face, all the way to the end. If AP's coverage has its facts right, California is going to return Bruce’s Beach to the Bruce family, almost a century after the beachfront resort for black people was seized and shut down. 

♦ Five weeks ago, I opened a ticket with the IT Dept at my work, over malfunctioning software. I’ve added several updates since then, about interesting things the software does while it's malfunctioning, but there’s been no reply and no response from IT, so with my latest update, I also said this:

“A month into this ticket, I’ve heard nothing from IT, so please note that I’m a sweet cupcake, easy to talk to, and can even be charming on my better days. Say hello some time?”

For this I’ve been scolded by both my boss and my boss’s boss.

“Did someone in IT complain?” 

No, but it’s not professional.

“Is it more professional or less professional than not responding to a software ticket?”

You’re not taking this seriously.


The only moral abortion is my abortion

♦ There’s no escape from Facebook, even if you don’t use Facebook.

♦ I want to sincerely thank some redneck retrograde who sent a crank email, telling me how great the South is, the South will rise again, and all that predictable rot, in response to my post, “Our Confederate dead.”

Even stupid people are entitled to their stupid opinions, so I hit delete, and didn’t even finish reading the email.

As the page winked out, though, I caught a line saying something like, “No wundr nobuddy reeds yur shitti blawg.”

This made me curious enough to wonder whether there’s a way to check the numbers, and indeed there is. I’d never checked before, and I am startled to find that hundreds of people read this shitty blog, every day! Hundreds, meaning about 200. That’s ten times as many as I would’ve guessed.

Now I’m wondering where the heck those people came from. I announced the site’s existence on Reddit in May, but haven't done anything else to promote it, so if you’re reading this — how the heck did you get here? And why?

♦ The mill town murders — 27 dead, killings ordered by the mayor, and then intentionally forgotten. 

♦ Wow, did you see the trailer for the new Matrix movie? Neither did I. 

♦ Why is the right-wing so silent about Texas’s draconian new anti-abortion law

Sunrise, sunset, but you have to be patient. Very soothing at bedtime. 

Museum of Bad Art.

♦  Mystery links  — Like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:


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  1. i clicked an image but i wasn't engorged.

    i am here because a friend sent me a link, and now i come back once in a while.

  2. I started following you on Reddit, and was bummed when you ceased to exist there (at least in 'antikarma' form), but was very happy that you decided to launch this site. Now part of my daily routine is coming to this site to read whatever new stuff you've posted. Thanks for keeping us all entertained with excellent writing.

    1. Well, ain't you just sweeter than a honey-dipped cinnamon roll. Thank you.

  3. >Now I’m wondering where the heck those people came from. I announced the site’s existence on Reddit in May, but haven't done anything else to promote it, so if you’re reading this — how the heck did you get here? And why?

    You know how I got here. I've mentioned the site to Jeff from The WVSR. I'm not sure I mentioned it to Shawna, but I'll do so now.

    1. Guess it all traces back to a review in Factsheet Five. Glad you're still out there.

  4. > how the heck did you get here? And why?

    You know I'll follow you anywhere except the boys room.

  5. I first saw your byline in the Andersen Valley Advertiser, and followed you from there to here.

    1. AVA, hooray! Which reminds me, I haven't sent them any writing for quite a while ...


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