I don’t even understand the question.

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♦ Here’s a customer satisfaction survey from the pharmacy I use. I have no complaints — they’ve never handed me pravastatin instead of atorvastatin, which is all I ask of a pharmacy. 

Tenth and final question in their survey is, “Would you recommend this pharmacy to others?”

I don’t even understand the question. My answer was:

“Do y’all know how health care works in America?

Your pharmacy is part of my health coverage. It has the same name as my health insurance. I can’t use a different pharmacy without paying much higher prices, and only people with this brand of insurance can use your pharmacy, unless they’re willing to pay much higher prices.

There’s no competition, no choice, and nothing to recommend. It’s like asking if I’d recommend the Hilton to a homeless dude.”

♦ Gene Roddenberry was the man who invented Star Trek. He led an interesting life and, obviously, changed the world for the better. Changed me for the better, too. I’m intrigued by the idea of a Gene Roddenberry biopic, but less intrigued upon reading that it’s a vanity project funded by his family. 

Roddenberry was infamous for hogging the credit, stealing royalties, and boinking any attractive women in the cast. An honest Roddenberry biopic would show that side of the man, too, but you’re not going to see it in a movie produced by his family.

Also, he singlehandedly almost sank Star Trek: The Next Generation, but a movie would probably show it as the pinnacle, triumphant achievement of his life, and then, "The End."

♦ Related news — Words that rhyme with Captain Picard.

♦ I was skeptical of an ABBA reunion forty years later. Wasn’t sure what to expect. Amazingly, though … this sounds like ABBA, and in my opinion (old-time ABBA fan here) it’s quite good.

♦ When I have a ham sandwich, which is often, it’s Buddig, because that’s the cheapest brand of sandwich ham. It’s 49¢ for two ounces, which makes two meaty sandwiches, or four if I’m stretching the budget. 

Meat-eatin' purists sneer at Buddig, because it is kinda fake meat — it's mostly ham, but other ingredients include water, honey, salt, potassium lactate, dextrose, sodium phosphate, sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, carrageenan, sodium nitrite, “natural flavoring,” cultured celery powder, and vinegar. It’s nice that the celery powder is cultured, since I’m not.

I’d had a rough day, so what the hell, instead of Buddig I went to the butcher’s counter and bought a pound of genuine deli ham, fresh from the pig and sliced in the store. It was far more expensive, or course, but I’m worth it, right?

Came straight home and made three ham sandwiches with real ham, and let me tell you, other than the chew factor — the real meat is cut thicker — I couldn’t taste the difference. Back to Buddig for me. (This is not a paid endorsement.)

Growing veggies underwater seems kinda creepy.

♦ I've been posting twice daily on this site, once in the morning and again in the evening, but today there'll be a third entry. Get all excited. I can’t shut up. Another day of Pathetic Life will be re-typed and posted by suppertime.

That said, jeez, did you see the Pathetic Life from a few days ago, Last train of the night? It was pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty boring. You didn’t miss much if you missed it. 

Pathetic Life was a monthly zine on paper. I mailed 30 days of it all at once, like a skinny book from a fat guy. Any of those 30 days might have been dull or stupid or obnoxious, and frequently they were, but hopefully the day before or the day after was semi-interesting.

Online, though, every day's entry stands by itself, including days where I had nothing to say, like November 1, 1994.

Please accept my apologies. Your admission price will be cheerfully refunded.

♦  Mystery links  — Like life itself, there’s no knowing where you’re going:


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  1. "Last train" wasn't great but it wasn't that bad.

    1. Even the Beatles had a turd once in a while.

  2. >When I have a ham sandwich, which is often, it’s Buddig, because that’s the cheapest brand of sandwich ham.

    Man, I almost never buy ham lunchmeat. I occasionally buy a ham steak, but it's often too expensive. I prioritize Roast beef, chicken, and turkey above ham when it comes to lunchmeat.

    That said, a nice ham on rye with pickles, yellow mustard, and cheddar... sign me up!

    1. I'd eat roast beef more often if I could find roast beef without the embedded strips of gristle that always get stuck between my teeth. Always the gristle, though.

  3. "Last train" wasn't your very best ever, but you SAID you were tired so we were warned. Loved the ABBA song, and I don't know much about Roddenberry but it sounds like he was mostly a bad element anyway.

    1. Very few of us are either good buys or bad guys. Mostly, we're both, like Roddenberry.


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