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Leftovers & Links #63

Fruit you can’t eat until it’s rotten, and it looks like a dog's butthole. Where can I get some?

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100° Fahrenheit… in the Arctic. In Siberia. 

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Ingo Rademacher sues ABC over General Hospital vaccine mandate.

“I am entitled to a religious exemption against mandatory vaccination for COVID-19 on the basis of my deeply and sincerely held moral belief that my body is endowed by my creator with natural processes to protect me and that its natural integrity cannot ethically be violated by the administration of artificially created copies of genetic material, foreign to nature and experimental,” Rademacher wrote in an Oct. 11 email to Disney’s HR department.

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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Baseball stats-freak analyzes the careers of Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, minus the added boost of steroids.

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An unexpected advantage of working in the office, at least during COVID: I’ve sprouted a small pimple exactly in the center of my nose, but I don’t even have to talk myself into not being embarrassed — the pimple is hidden under my mask.

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I thought by now I was beyond being surprised on this topic, but anti-Semitism is even stupider than I’d thought. 

This episode of The Dig podcast is a fascinating and college-level lecture exploring the anti-Semitism and racism inherent (but rarely acknowledged) in western folklore and mythology — the Aryan subtext of Wagner’s Ring operas, the white supremacist backstory of Atlantis, the emergence of ancient German runes that later developed into symbols of the SS, even occult or paranormal silliness like divining rods, pendulums, dousing rods.

It’s the first time I’d heard of Hanns Hörbiger’s theory, once taken seriously, that the Aryan race was created when ice meteors containing “divine sperma” showered down onto the earth.

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As a catastrophic tornado approached this city Friday, employees of a candle factory — which would later be destroyed — heard the warning sirens and wanted to leave the building. But at least five workers said supervisors warned employees that they would be fired if they left their shifts early

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One-word newscast:

Good news:

Stupid news:

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‘A police massacre’: Colombian officers killed 11 during protests against police violence, report finds.

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Bugs across globe are evolving to eat plastic, study finds 

Possibly good news, but also possibly not. Plastic is in lots and lots of high-tech equipment, and if it starts being devoured, that’s gonna be a problem.

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Car art. 

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Jon Stewart, formerly of The Daily Show, has a new weekly show, The Problem with Jon Stewart. Mildly curious, I scanned through the list of episodes he’s done so far, and found one titled or described, “Jon Talks With Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase”. 

The existence of this episode deflated all my interest in Stewart’s new show. One of the world’s most evil men, head of one of the world’s most evil corporations, warmly welcomed, smiling and chuckling at Jon’s jokes and dodging any questions? Nah.

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The Library of Congress thinks Wall-E (2008) merits mention in the National Film Registry, so I guess they’ve run out of good American movies. 

I’ve never understood why so many people were so rhapsodic about Wall-E. I remember glancing at my watch, more than a little bored and anxious to get home from the theater. 

Two big problems for me: #1: the insipid cockroach, which seemed wildly out of place in a movie that was otherwise reasonably intelligent and scientifically sensible.

And #2: the machines' voices, which seemed maximized for mechanized silliness. Sure, it’s a kiddie movie, but even in a child’s imaginary universe, nobody’s going to design machines with such goo-goo da-da infantile voices. 

Wall-E was the worst Pixar movie ever, until Brave a few years later.

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Occlupanids. I’m slow. It took me at least a minute to get it.

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  1. on the theme of "even stupider than you thought" ...

    A very stupid woman at work tried to get past our company COVID vaccine requirement by saying that her chiropractor adjusted her back to make her COVID-proof.

    1. That is some serious stupid, Aaron Rodgers quality. Please tell me she's still required to get the jab.

    2. They told her to get the shot or she'd be fired and she quit.

  2. Mary Lou Lord is not in my top 20 or 30 favorite recording artists or performers, but every once in a while I like to kick back and just enjoy her voice for a half hour. I'm sending three Mary Lou Lord YouTube files, two of them covers and one written by Mary Lou herself. I like all three.

    There's history here that you probably don't care much about. In the late 80s and early 90s -- for nearly ten years total -- Mary Lou was a full time professional busker, first in the subway system of her hometown of Boston, then for a longer time in the underground system of London, then briefly again in Boston. Ten years living entirely on tips. She followed eccentric, little known singers and songwriters and frequently covered them.

    In about 1989, back in Boston she was bicycling home from a subway gig late at night. She stopped into a joint to grab a quick beer and started talking with a young man who had earlier been performing at the bar with his band. He mentioned a couple of songs he'd been playing and Mary Lou said, "You must be Kurt Cobain from Nirvana."

    Kurt told Mary Lou that nobody in Seattle had ever heard of Nirvana and he couldn't imagine how she had, all the way across the country. She told him she very much enjoyed the music and told him she'd be happy to give him a ride back to her modest apartment if he wanted to jam. He grabbed his guitar, she grabbed hers and left the bar. It didn't occur to Mary Lou that Kurt might be surprised to be chauffeured on a bicycle, but out they went, Kurt sitting on the seat and Mary Lou standing on the pedals and driving them to her *very* modest apartment, each with their guitar strapped to their back in the cool Boston night.

    They became friends and probably more, and a year and a half later everybody knew who Nirvana was. After Kurt became famous, several women were after him and a crazy one landed him, freezing Mary Lou out in the cool Boston night. Mary Lou soon got a modest recording contract of her own, which is where these three videos were funded and recorded, and had a very small career before retiring and getting married and becoming a mom. Thirty years later, she still plays from time to time, mostly with her daughter. I don't think after the crazy woman got her mitts on Kurt that Mary Lou ever saw him again.

    All three of these videos were arranged with help from her two or three labels over a period of several years.

    The first video is "Lights Are Changing", sung by Mary Lou with studio backup singers and players. It was written by Nick Saloman of the band The Bevis Frond who Mary Lou met while she was in England.

    Mary Lou Lords Lights Are Changing ln - YouTube

    The next video is a Japanese anime that plays in front of Mary Lou's recording of "The Lucky One", written by Freedy Johnston.

    Mary Lou Lord - The Lucky One - YouTube

    The last song is Mary Lou with the studio backup singers again, this time singing a song she wrote herself, "Some Jingle Jangle Morning".

    Mary Lou Lord Live: Some Jingle Jangle Morning - YouTube

    Just thought I'd turn you on to something a little different: something that perhaps you hadn't heard before.



    1. All this is new to me. good stuff. improved my afternoon. So folky and early rock sounding, not sounding like what I head in my head when I think of Kurt Cobain.

      Swear to fucking bob I do not know what's the difference that makes Mary Lou Lord someone who mostly performs with her daughter while people with no discernible talent are rich and famous.

      "The crazy one" -- we're not going to speak her name. I used to have some Hole on my playlist. Also some Yoko Ono. I think I have a soft spot for crazy women.

      love you man


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