Expect less from me.

Leftovers & Links #62 

Get Corona at the
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Expect less from me. That’s my new motto. 

I forecast just one entry daily this week, with no ability to reply until evenings. Instead of working from home, I’ll be working at the office again, which greatly reduces my access to the internet, the blog, and my beloved recliner in the bedroom.

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A sad analysis of the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling. 

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Dr Rebecca Gomperts is an abortion hero, in my opinion.

Gomperts tells me that she’s shocked with the situation in Texas, which recently enacted a near total ban on legal abortion – not because the state government passed the law, but because doctors in the state are largely complying with it.

“I would have thought that all these clinics would have said, 'We’ll just do it'.”

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One-word newscast:

Good news:

Bad news:

Stupid news:

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California Gov Newsom calls for gun legislation
modeled on lawsuit-proof Texas abortion law

If states can shield their laws from review by federal courts, then CA will use that authority to help protect lives.

We will work to create the ability for private citizens to sue anyone who manufactures, distributes, or sells an assault weapon or ghost gun kit or parts in CA.

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Nothing is more important than Team Trump’s
January PowerPoint urging a full-blown coup

Jan. 6 was a far greater threat to American democracy than Watergate, or anything else that’s happened since the first shots at Fort Sumter. Now, the questions are becoming less about what we know, and more about ... what are we going to do about this?

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Quick wisdom I've swiped from grimatongueworm @ Reddit:

The country has this narrow window, this brief opportunity, to crush this fascist rebellion. That should be a scorched earth, utter and complete devastating prosecution from Trump on down to every SOB who stormed the Capitol on 1/6, every fucking Proud Boy, every Bugaloo Bro, etc.

If this moment passes and these fascists are not crushed under the heel of justice, we are in for decades of turmoil.

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I hate ads like Republicans hates democracy, so I am sorta saddened that every time I post a link to YouTube, or to the free streaming movies, most folks who click the link will be bathed in commercials.

To remain gloriously unbathed like me, simply install an ad-blocker or two. Ublock Origin is the best, but I have several other ad-blockers installed, to catch the few annoying ads that slip past uBlock Origin. My favorite ad-blockers are all listed in the sidebar, under ‘Sanity protectors’, and they’re all free.

Imagine that — free sanity!

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Barbados plans to introduce universal basic income. 

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Toyota made its key fob remote start into a subscription service 

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We were segregated away because we were freaks.”

I used to never think much about disabilities, except — obviously — that the Americans with Disabilities Act is a good thing, because a building that’s open to the public should be open to all the public.

Disability issues became much more urgent to me when my wife landed in a wheelchair, as even with the ADA and in these ‘modern times’, there were still extra obstacles frequently in her way. The stories I could tell... but not nearly as many as the Smart Ass Cripple, of course.

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Biden calls on EPA to investigate role of climate crisis in deadly tornadoes 

Someone please tell President Joe there’s no need to investigate. It’s already established science. Putting the planet on perpetual simmer causes more frequent and more deadly extreme weather, and thus weather catastrophes like Saturday's will happen more and more often.

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Need a new computer? Unless your work or play demands the latest and greatest hardware and software, I always suggest buying a used and refurbished device.

For as long as I’ve used computers, I’ve only used used computers. That’s 25 years or so, of buying refurbished computers from a local dealer. Used and refurbished pooters routinely cost a fraction of a new pooter, come with a 90-day warranty, and last for 5-7 years with no problems. They'd probably last longer if I'd stop visiting free porn sites that occasionally have hazardous links.

My most recent laptop, purchased in 2020, cost $225. It's where I surf the net, maintain this website, stream videos, play DVDs, and where I'm typing this comment. I bought it from these guys, but you can find a similar shop in virtually any city. 

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Fossilized poo. 

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Simpsons house. 

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