Stop lying to me.

For an upcoming movie review, I needed to check the IMDB page for Raiders of the Lost Ark. You might remember, it was action movie about an archaeologist? Pretty good. Harrison Ford starred.



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Jan. 16, 2023

Apparently, I got the title wrong. That movie is called Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. 

Hollywood manufactures our dreams and memories, and then alters them, edits them, even re-names them?

No, stop lying to me. Things that happened happened.

There has never been a movie called Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, just like there's never been a movie named Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.

Here's an incoming email from Google:

"We have identified that your site is affected by 1 video page indexing issue(s). The following issues were found on your site:

"Google could not determine the prominent video on the page."

I don't embed many videos here, but I checked the page with the error. It's something I wrote and published a year ago, with no embedded video. Another lie. 

The next email offered a "flash sale" — 10% off on everything at Dick's, my favorite fast-food burger joint. Yeah, baby. I am dieting and Dick's is fattening, but immediately I decided that my diet could have the day off.

Clicked the link, though, and what they're offering is 10% off on Dick's swag, like Dick's t-shirts that don't even come in my XXXXL size. 

So I'm still dieting. Dropped four pounds in the past week, too.

I've always liked science fiction, and been intrigued by the concept of artificial intelligence (AI). And that future is now. In a very limited, preliminary way, AI is here.

Apps are available for AI imagery, AI music, AI writing and conversations, and more. You're probably heard about ChatGPT, and Dall-E, and a dozen others.

I've looked, and listened, and read, and all of it seems fake and bores me. I'll pass, thanks.

News you need,
whether you know it or not

Largest global bird flu outbreak in history shows no sign of slowing 

In Biden documents story, stenography and scandal take center stage 

Man starves to death in jail following arrest for pointing finger at police 

She was having a massive stroke, but Puyallup cops jailed her for DUI. Now she is suing. 

Atheist group demands Indiana sheriff end coercive inmate baptisms 

Chicago's biggest police union is spending money to win power on new oversight councils  

Coastal residents fear "hideous" seawalls against rising sea levels will block waterfront views 

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going




Clicks ahoy

"The NFL is a family," like Hell 

A moment for Martin Luther King 

Happy Robert E Lee's birthday, Alabama! 

4 euphemisms media uses to avoid talking about the rightwing incitement campaign against trans people 

MAGA Pennsylvania county recounted 2020 ballots last week 

Message in a whiskey bottle 

Is there any actual proof or record that Jesus Christ existed? 

Weather without ads 

Welcome to Antarctica 

♫♬  Mix tape of my mind  ♫

Chances — Athlete 

Frankenstein — Edgar Winter Group 

Life of Illusion — Foo Fighters 

Robocop — Basil Poledouris 

Wasted on the Way — Crosby Stills & Nash 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Robbie Bachman 

Ruggero Deodato 

Harriet A Hall 

Adolfo Kaminsky 

Gina Lollobrigida 

Jean Paré 

Oscar White Muscarella 

Maya Widmaier-Picasso 


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  1. As usual, you Shangai me before I can get very far into the blog entry.

    I cannot express how deeply I despise the fact that "Star Wars" is now "Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope," or whatever the fuck it is. Like, I get irrationally angry, much like Mrs. White from "Clue."


    1. Sounds like Mrs White Privilege.

      At least with the Star Wars movies, there's a reason for the retitling, so everything fits from parts 1 to 9. Shitty reason, but it's a reason.

      What possible reason is there for renaming Raiders of the Lost Ark? What, so all the Indiana Jones movies will be under "I" at Blockbuster?

    2. Blockbuster? Must be just down the street from the A&P.


    3. >What, so all the Indiana Jones movies will be under "I" at Blockbuster?

      Yes, I literally have seen that as the reason, perhaps sans "Blockbuster," but in all alphabetical lists, all of them will be right there.

    4. I am pleased to mention that I never did business with Blockbuster. Not even one video, not even once.

      Also never shopped at A&P, but I guess they were mostly an east coast thing, and I'm a west coast boy. I *did* but Eight O'Clock Coffee for a while, which I believe was an A&P brand.

      I'm also curious to know, John, what else you've photographed professionally.


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