The News: Monday, June 12, 2023

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Monday, June 12, 2023 

US decides to rejoin UNESCO and pay back dues, not because it's the right thing to do, just to counter Chinese influence 

Garth Brooks says his new Nashville bar will be safe for trans people, serve Bud Light

Safeway bamboozled nearly a million California shoppers with deceptive deals: lawsuit

Top EU court to consider if copyright is more important than privacy

DeSantis supporters wave Nazi flags outside Walt Disney World 

Republican official appears to have moved $1.3m from nonprofit to own law firm 

Republicans reprimand Republican Senator for decency 

"We take no pleasure in reporting that Cracker Barrel has fallen" might be the funniest sentence ever composed using the English language 

Heavily-Armed Trump supporters say they’ll "protest" indictment 

Summit for "female conservatives" was feast of transphobia and far-right crackpottery 

Mystery links
There's no knowing where you're going


My browser history
without the porn

Life is so terrible and beautiful at the same time

Anti-trans moral panics endanger all young people 

Going no-phone 

Dem bones, good prices 

What would Aaron Swartz think of Reddit's ridiculous new direction? 

If you're going to join a cult, why not one led by a pretty woman? 

♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Beat the Clock — Sparks 

Eight Miles High — The Byrds 

Pick-A-Little Talk-A-Little — The Music Man

Red Crayola — Born in Flames 

Tower of Song — Leonard Cohen

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Silvio Berlusconi 

Amitai Etzioni 

Red Holt


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