The News: Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Newly declassified report reveals that the federal government is buying troves of data about Americans 

After exposure by a nonprofit news outlet, New York (says it's) rescinding its policy banning most journalism by prisoners 

Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools after complaint calls it "sex-ridden" 

Apollo's Christian Selig explains his fight with Reddit, and why users revolted 

Reddit blackout crashes the site

Oakland A’s fans held a raucous wake for their team 

As of June 10, 2023, worldwide data showed the remarkable concurrence of three dramatic climate events 

California wildfires are five times bigger than they used to be 

Young Montana residents bring climate change case to court for first time ever 

Video shows drug-sniffing police dog reacts to cop's gestures, not odor of drugs 

Baton Rouge police rehire cop once fired for sexual harassment, lying 

Mississippi officer who shot 11-year-old is suspended without pay 

Reinstatement ordered for Oklahoma officers who fatally shot unarmed Black man 

Spokane's police chief isn't happy about a new law broadening the ombudsman's power to investigate 

Trump has responded to his federal indictment with a blizzard of dishonesty 

Anti-intellectualism is "an agreement not to think" and "has almost always been a form of conservatism..."

Republicans are pushing to delay Amtrak passenger trains by making them wait for freight haulers 

Republican conference tells young women to give up their dreams & their birth control 

Republicans of yesteryear complain of encroaching communism in drunk driving laws 

Fox News calls Trump "president," labels Biden "wannabe dictator" 

House Republicans vote against life-saving abortions, pride flags at VA facilities 

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A progressive Senator uncovered the truth behind the "Memorial Day Massacre" 

Richard Hunt: The gay man behind the Muppets 

Two Rhode Island officials visited Philly. They were so rude their state launched two separate investigations. 

Ran Prieur's perspective on the Reddit situation is, I think, better written and smarter than what I've seen anywhere else 

200+ things that Fox News has labeled "woke" 

♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

Ballad of the Landlord — Langston Hughes
(read by Margaret Walker)

Blister in the Sun — Violent Femmes 

I Started a Joke — The Bee Gees 

Pop Goes My Heart — Hugh Grant 

Teach Your Children — Crosby Stills & Nash 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Robert Gottlieb 

Cormac McCarthy 

John Romita Sr 

Scott Schinder 

Treat Williams


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  1. Amazing to see that Scott Schinder made your obit list. Did you know Scott? I did. He was someone I'd call a friend. Used to run into him in Hoboken and NYC back in the '90s and we wrote for many of the same publications. Though he alone wrote for Tower Records' Pulse, which appears to be where many people remember him. He was a good man. -- Linden Arden

    1. Sorry, man, and I'm sorry you lost a friend.

      No, I didn't know him. He was a byline I saw a lot, and even though he wrote about music and music ain't my thing, he wrote well enough that I knew who he was, before clicking the link.

    2. Well that speaks well of Scott then and his writing. You'd appreciate that he was sorta you in reverse. He knew everyone but no one knew much if anything about his private life. It's been fascinating hearing from others who knew him even better than I did and who didn't know he was sick or anything about his living situation in Austin. Yet, we all knew him as someone who loved to chat. To each their own, I say. It's all good with me. Whatever gets you through the night. -- Linden Arden (still stealing Highlights or would be if they still published)


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