The News: Saturday, July 1, 2023

Saturday, July 1, 2023 

US Supreme Court says fuck you to gay people

Supreme Court says fuck you to everyone struggling with student debt 

Supreme Court leaves intact Mississippi law disenfranchising Black voters 

Supreme Court OKs online harassment 

I'd never endorse violence from the left. Violence is bad, m'kay? I'm opposed. It's counterproductive. All the preachy clichés.

But I'll sure understand if it comes. —DH 

Everyone knew the migrant ship was doomed. No-one helped.

YouTube confirms three-strikes test for ad blocking

Reddit will remove mods of private communities unless they reopen 

They finally did it: Reddit made it impossible for blind Redditors to moderate their own sub 

Mods monkeywrench r/IAMA

Pompeii fresco possibly depicts 2,000-year-old form of pizza 

Climate change blamed for collapse of mountain 

Burger-sized hole in climate coverage 

Orca rams into yacht near Scotland, suggesting the behavior may be spreading 

Climate change keeps making wildfires and smoke worse. Scientists call it the 'new abnormal'. 

Cop dies after overdosing on drugs he stole from evidence lockers, officials say 

Cop who failed to enter building during Parkland mass shooting found not guilty of neglect, negligence and perjury 

Virginia sheriff gave out deputy badges in exchange for cash bribes, feds say 

West Virginia State Police sued over hidden cameras placed in "Junior Troopers" locker room 

Sheriff's Department gets $4-billion amid "unconscionable" conditions in L.A. jails 

Right-wing Christian hate group funds legal efforts to roll back abortion rights, remove LGBTQ+ protections and demonize trans people 

Trump promises to round up the news media in dramatic "final battle" ad 

DeSantis signs controversial "radioactive roads" bill lobbied by fertilizer giant Mosaic 

Trump wants guns everywhere except at his appearances 

Ohio politician, fierce abortion opponent, receives 20-year prison sentence for corruption

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There's no knowing where you're going 




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♫♬  It don't mean a thing  ♫
if it don't have that swing

The Bramble and the Rose — Reilly & Maloney 

It's a Beautiful Day (album) — It's a Beautiful Day 

Life's Been Good — Joe Walsh 

Maggie's Farm — Solomon Burke 

Telephone Line — Electric Light Orchestra 

Eventually, everyone
leaves the building

Alan Arkin 

James Crown 

T R Factor 

Judy Farr 

Peg Yorkin


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  1. Civil War is what they want, Doug. I don't want to give them what they want.

    Of course, they're getting everything they want anyway, so I don't know.

    Folk music isn't my usual thing but that Bramble and the Rose is so sweet.

    1. I don't know either. There is no "working within the system" that accomplishes anything, and anything done any other way will only make everything worse.

      Love that song, and specifically that performance. Glad you liked it.


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